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Full Version: Another new map for dayz
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Fallujah or whatever it is called. Had a quick shot earlier. Cant really seem to find anything interesting apart from a pickup with a 50 cal on it. Oh and saw someone flying over me in a chinook!!! Need to see the map and see if there is any high value items. If not its rubbish.
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Played it a couple of hours. If i where you i would wait till it gets updated cause if you spawn the wrong place you are going to spend hours before you find a soda can. Only about 20%ish of the buildings spawn loot. The only 'positive' thing about the map is that almost all the barracs ingame is at the airstrip (theres about 20 within 500m of each other). And this is a fucking massive map!!!!!!!

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I've submitted a ticket regarding the server. They've changed alot of stuff, will see what they get back to me.
Falujjah Allelujah Allah Abracadabra. There is a very, and I mean very large city on this map, am I right?

@ m00se, what did they change?
They've updated the server version and also the mod manager has changed. Used to be separate mods for private and public. Now they are combined, not sure if thats the issue though!
I spawned next to this big city where i found the pickup. Managed to find a map just before i went offline but never really looked at it. Got a lee enfield and m1911 for my wepons. Plenty of food and drink as well.

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I played on Fallujah for a bit, wandered around, etc. I'm telling you guys, this map is freaking awesome. It's not big, it's not large, it's not even huge, this map is absolutely massive. I wouldn't mind switching m00ses server from Lingor to Fallujah :P If majority agree, of course, I like both maps anyway.... And yeah, from what I noticed, there are additional vehicles on Fallujah compared to other DayZ maps, Chinook, UH-1Y Venom (with fooking ROCKETS), and something that looks like Littlebird are just selected few. I'm not sure if there are any 'new' weapons, but wouldn't be surprised, to be honest.

Try this map out, guys.

Better video showing the map too. Could be fun, now on my server we can just switch mods as we feel fit...
m00se - that would be so awesome, mate, Fallujah is absolutely brilliant.
But let me ask you, if you 'switch' to Fallujah, does it mean we loose all our stuff on Lingor, if we switch back?

One more thing, are those custom skins in the video? Like, with some external mod or something?
yeah mate fallujah is pretty cool. found a chinook on a random server today near the airfield Big Grin
holy balls! that looks amazing! I'm really busy this week though so I won't be about for a little while I'm afraid..
The items and stuff you have saved in lingor stays even if you switch maps ;-). And yeah if its a locked server then this map might be really fun but with the few mili spawns its hell in puplic :-S. Belive me ive tried

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moose can you update the sever to latest version of dayz please mate. I cant join Fallujah becuase its dayz version 1.62 or something, and cant roll back to 1.62 it was too many updates ago. I dont have that version in dayzcommander!
Geordie roll back to the one tha is just above mooses one. I think his ends in 5 so do the one that ends in 6. I had to do this the other day and it worked no probs.

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I may of put the wrong version number in name so ignore that. I don't think there are any available updates server side at the moment anyway.
Go to Private section guys .....