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Full Version: Playing DayZ again?
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Read some of the changelogs, and it sounds awesome, anyone else want to try playing again on a vanilla server? That or get one set up on the dedibox?
I would defo be up for it.
I'm gonna start searching for a server tonight I think, anyone wants to join feel free. I'll be trying to do vanilla servers, building a base up north, playing as heroes rather than the usual banditry
Cool, you doing it through DayZCommander?
Will be indeed sir, I'll post up the IP in here if I find a decent one, gonna nip for a shower and shizzle before I start though.
Whats the updates that have "stoked your engine" the most SJ?
Slight changes in loot tables, zombie pathing/speed updates.

Basically just general improvements that have been needed for a year haha
I'd update it on the dedibox but i haven't a clue with this one. Get it up on the dedibox Moose Smile
Cool SJ, I am just looking at a few servers just now, I will post up if I find anything decent. I will be on mumble shortly as well. Smile
is this for Arma 3 ?
ArmA 2 dee Smile
thanks Smile
Aww come on sj :-(. Couldnt you have thought about it yesterday? I dont have the day off tomorrow :-(. Ive been wanting a game of dayz for weeks now :-(

from da phone
Ill get the server up to date... When you say vanilla you mean the community updates right? As the dev team have stopped now its all community driven

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Be on in 10 minutes and get server updated

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We've found an awesome one with a large, friendly squad of players on it, will play here for a bit to see how it goes
Will be on tonight, same server.
Whats the coords for the camp sj?

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No camp as such just a stolen Ural top left on top of mountain Wink

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