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Full Version: First ever player kill on dayz
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Can you remember the first player you ever killed on dayz? How you went about it? Who you were with? How you as a person was feeling at the time when you went to shoot the player? And how you felt afterwards?

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The first time for me was someone on counter-snipe hill in Elektro, when we found the camp full of grenades and stuff behind it.

I'd ran back to Dobryy hill to cover elektro and your coming back over, when I heard makarov shots from your direction, turning I saw a camo clothed player with an M249 on his back, running in your direction. I immediately alerted the rest of the squad over the hill in the valley, knowing they would be mown down, and it was up to me to save them. I took my time, got my AS50 from my backpack, found the range, zeroed the rifle and took the shot.

He fell over, blood spraying from orifices' I didn't even know players had, and i've never felt my heart pump as fast playing a game in my entire life. Tongue
Pretty sure mine was killing one of our guys lol

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Lmfao! I still remember the 10 man assault on Elektro with grenade launchers and what-not
Excluding friendlies m00se?

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Lol was a laugh. Looking forward more and more to stand alone coming out.
Better physics etc be great more customisation lol

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Well mines was when we were at i46.

It was me, SJ, and m00se playing. Me and SJ on dobrey. M00se on a hill to the west. I was the spotter with the L85. Also had a as50 in my backpack. M00se and SJ annihilating the other players. And then SJ basically told me to have a go. So I got the as50 out. And just sat there for a good 5 minutes waiting on it. Felt fine at that point until SJ shouts. Player at closest firestation. I ranged then zoomed in. saw the player and my heart starts to race then my hand starts to shake. Fuck I thought. I shot at him and hit him in the back but I killed him. 10 mins afterwards im still sitting there with my heart pumping and hand shaking.

Never felt like that in a game in my entire life. Sometimes im still like that after a gun fight in dayz but not as much as then.

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My heart goes all the time still. Especially when hunting the players you're stalking... I love it proper adrenaline rush each and every time. Like those two I killed last night on the hospital roof lol

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i guess you feel like that as you know on this game, if you die, you lose sometimes hours and hours of work getting equipment etc.
i know that this probably doesn't belong here but i've been reading into the arma posts & watchin some vids & i must say it's an interesting game! i might as well get me one!
which one should i get?
Mouse. If you get arma 2 combined operations you will get arma 2 and arma 2 operation arrowhead which means that you can play dayz if you wish with us Wink

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im still awaiting my first kill. m00se has indeed killed me before :/
cant remeber my first kill tbh but i think i have 2 in total ^^

pushing the 10000th zombie though Tongue
mine was 2 of our guys, toast and floppy. I stumbled across them near our camp and total panic took over. 2 headshots and lot of screaming later i realised what i'd done.

First non friendly was on the roof of the fire station at electro or cherno, not sure which..
(04-30-2013, 03:12 PM)Johnboy82 Wrote: [ -> ]Mouse. If you get arma 2 combined operations you will get arma 2 and arma 2 operation arrowhead which means that you can play dayz if you wish with us Wink

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thanks for the info bud! i think arma 2 combined ops it is then! gonna get it in a couple of days!
it's gonna be fun!
I can't remember exactly the but I believe the first kill was with SJ and I think m00se.

We had been meeting up at Cherno and waiting for some of the others to arrive.

I had a winchester or similar and SJ was up on the roof of the hospital.

We had spotted a guy in or near the shop and school and I was looking around for him whilst SJ was scouting from above - m00se was either in teh shop or moving down from Dobre hill (I think).

Anyway I found the guy on the street corner on his knees aiming up towards where SJ was, so I aimed down sight and popped a shot in the side of his head. Thankfully it hit and he went down - I don't think he died from it but I went over and dropped most of a clip of pistol ammo into him and that seemed to do the job.

That was my first kill after many weeks of playing - but I never had the time to learn the game like the rest of the lads. I had spent enough time in game to die from low branches, randomly shaped rocks and of course from bandits bastards camping resources.

After this I believe we went up Dobre hill and got a few more kills but in truth it was where I lost interest in the game. I don't like sitting and camping much.

It was always a bit too "I have a giant killing sniper, lets go find a mountain side to kill people with a pistol and a can of beans".

My pc's inability to render the game nicely didn't help much. I remember my last death in the game was with m00se we had found a van and got caught by its owner whilst we still had our noses in his boot.

m00se could see the guy but I had no idea what I was looking for coz it all looked like a big green and brown smudge. so yeh - I like the idea of the game and perhaps with a decent rig I'd like it more. But it's too buggy and waaaay too long winded for the pay off. for me anyway.
You should play for a night hoot, it's a lot different now. Especially when we play on a regular, full server where we accurate a cache of gear to protect and grow.
killing, wtf has that got to do with dayz? lol
Silly Geordie, tits are always relevant.
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