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Full Version: DayZ Origins
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Has anyone else played this? Its fucking awesome, crafting recipes. building of houses with code locks, garages. I'd highly recommend for everyone to give it a go. Such an improvement over dayz.
Where can i find it? :-o

from da phone
Install through dayz commander... 1.3gb download though Big Grin
Fuck you, want to play QQ
I'm currently playing on with some other guys. It is on namalsk but it's awesome Smile
soon ! imma be with ya'll, gettin the whole set of dayz
Ive got dayz, but i havent really played it yet. Making a survivor village with ELECTRONIC PADLOCKS makes me want to Big Grin
m00se where was my invite?

You been playing the day? you cunts leaving me behind last night cause I went afk for a few.
I didn't see you on johnboy! Get ya ass online about to build a house!

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You gits, stop posting about playing games, it makes me sad :'(
M00se I wouldnt have been able to play properly last night anyway. Was drinking for a good bit and well I ended up falling asleep pretty early as well.

SJ you just need to get your shit sorted Wink

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I'm gonna install it on my laptop tonight, see how the two get along.
Tbh I don't think I will be playing much DayZ for a while, Grid 2 is out the moro so will be concentrating on that for a bit. Might just wait for the standalone now.
installed..giz a shout when yr on moose, ill need a brief run through again
What. You decide to play when I dont Sad makes me sad

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Finished installing on commander!
Nice one bark. Would be good to see ptg clan out in force on dayz again. SJ hurry up and get your shit sorted. Wink

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Should have the beast up and running Wednesday night, CPU is being delivered to my mums, so I can pick it up at the same time as the H100, get it installed then get Windows installed again. Should be gaming Wednesday night/Thursday evening!
Good to hear, ermm the server we were playing on has some slight admin abuse so will need to find a new server

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PTG server? How hard would that be though?

But then what would be the plan of action for us and the vnoc crew? TS or mumble?

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