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Full Version: Stronghold Notes
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A few notes on the Stronghold. This is NOT the building instructions, they are located here.

-Clan Leader must have a Level 3 House and at least 4 clan members.

-46 stages in total. Only 1-23 available until 1.8.

-Once the foundation is complete (I don't know if this is stage 1 or 9) the clan leader loses his level 1 AND 2 houses. Clan members lose their level 1 houses. Anything in the stronghold will be wiped upon stage 9 completion, but I think its just foundations until then so there shouldn't be any storing of stage 10 shit until stage 9 is done.

-Clan members will not be able to build any houses whilst members of the stronghold clan.

-Clan leader must hold the blueprints and they, along with 4 members, must be within 15m of the mixer for building the foundations.

-Clan leader can add anyone within 30m of him to the clan. (approval required I think, otherwise everyone would troll XD)

-Garages are unaffected and can still be built.

-Clan members can still upgrade houses, just not build.

-There must be a leader and 4 members AT ALL TIMES. Otherwise...poof. No stronghold.

-Apparently there will be some interesting way of identify which clan owns strongholds. Maybe linking to the 'founder status' clan emblem competition?
woooh that blew me mind.....