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Full Version: IS it the end or just a bad time!
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hey fellas!

Heard things like the dayz server's gonna shut down! i know atm not many players are on it but i've been playing it for only 8 days & am freakin lovin it!
as a matter of fact i'm on it almost everytime, there's slutobi & pwenelope who play along everynight! well boo, geordie, bark, kossy , mark , moose, devs, hoofed,marko they used to play almost everynight but i dunno what's happened to em now!
two randoms have been commin in every night & playin jack & ....
i think it's time we do some abt it!

havin said that, it'd be sad if it comes to an end! so gents, let's get to it,
imma be on it most nights night.
hope this doesn't come to an end like our caspian server! Sad
PS: my bad boo! i shouldn't have mentioned ya , i know what'ya upto! Smile
Bitch please, I'm away! I'm on as always when I'm back, which should be later today as I'm nearly home.