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Full Version: FTB Unleashed!
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Got a Minecraft FTB Unleashed server set up, it's unlimited slots but it's not the most powerful, so set it to 4 slots for now, if anyone wants to join you'll need FTB Unleashed version 1.1.2 from here:

Server IP:

Currently trying to build a smeltery Big Grin
spawns inside smeltery....SJ!!! xD
if you guys see me on there its actually my young lad. no swearing in chat please Wink
Swearing in chat is half the fun of typing... WHY U TEK AWAY MY HAPPINESS
So who decided to use up all the scrap? Was intended for the Mass Fab to get UU matter... Cheers...
Not been on past couple of nights dude, check the logs see if any randoms have been on?

EDIT: Wasn't there like, 7k when I last checked? What the fuck got made with that?
33k of scrap when I was last on. Someone made ALOT of scrap boxes by the looks of it


Could have glitched with the sheer amount of scrap there was?
Not a chance. The scrap box was in the me crafting terminal so had to be someone.

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I can't see anyone going g on the server other than you, kossy and terdle in the past couple of days, might have been an accident or something
Kossy confided in me that he had a moment of madness and blew it all up. With explosives.
just googled what is scrap in minecraft and i found out it this:
[Image: Scrap.png]
seriously guys ?!? you were collecting 33,000 piles of poop?!?!?!

why ?!?!?!?!!?!?


(08-14-2013, 01:31 PM)BarkSpear Wrote: [ -> ]Kossy confided in me that he had a moment of madness and blew it all up. With explosives.


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Server has crashed :'(
Dude I gave you access to the CP so you could stop/start/restart the server?
Updated to 1.1.3 be sure to update before joining!

In FTB launcher change from recommended to 1.1.3
I'm pretty sure I posted here saying I was the one that used the scrap, not realising it was being saved up for something. I cant find the post, so I will appologize again!
uhm... the server crashed, It seems that crafting rednet cable in the me system is a bad idea. My login to the control panel doesn't seem to work aswell Sad

p.s help!
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