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Full Version: Just for info
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Due to no reason at all, i have decided a change, and have changed my name to Wolfeh, my second name was getting boring as my gaming name ^^
LOL I was like who the f*** is Wolfeh in the other thread, had to check your posts to work it out Big Grin
Yeah although just looked at his sig

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Yeh, my sig was from before, will wait for BF4 for a new sig Smile
Who the fck are you Big Grin

Ooooh! Aaaaaah! Now I get it ^^
who's he?
Chappy Big Grin
At least I think so Big Grin
Oh shit, sorry i forgot to put my original name ^^ its Chapman, but now its Wolfeh Smile
Name change= new application :p
Bark will the New application be rejected due to PTG not accepting the name Wolfeh and insisting on still calling him Chapman when talking to him? :p
Considering that chapman is chapmans real name, even the acceptance of Wolfeh alows for the use of chapman Big Grin
Can't find a cool nickname for wolfeh. Chappy was much better Tongue
i wonder what wolf says
gibbytygibbytygibbyty for sure