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Full Version: Guess who's engaged :D
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Yep I am officially the fiancee of johnboy!! Crazy eh?? Big Grin
Congrats to you both Smile .
wooop congrats! We all want invitations mind Big Grin
hehe you will all get invites Big Grin thanks guys Big Grin
Congratulations! Big Grin That's great news
Will you send invitation to Russia? Smile We have nice tradition here. Russian wedding withouht fight isn't russian wedding Smile
Congratulations to you both Big Grin

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lol it will be an irish wedding, irish wedding without beer is not an irish wedding Tongue
Beer? Somebody said beer? I'm packing my stuff!!!
Any wedding without beer isnt a wedding XD. Congratz to you both ;-)

from da phone
thank you Big Grin
Congratulations! Smile
i think the wedding should be on BF4 with a priest as a flying MAV
and mortar fireworks! Smile
Congratulations to you both Big Grin
Congratulations! Mortars and flares! Flares do look pretty sweet as a firework imho. Tongue
Send one to germany and if we are lucky I might even hop over with mah gf ^^
Edit: flates instead of flares typo...
from tha phone wupp wupp
Plenty of Guinness to be consumed at an Irish wedding!
mad, dont do it! (just the whole marrage thing ive never agreed with lol )
congrats to the both of you Smile
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