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Full Version: Server 2 Restarting Thread
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Server 2 Restarting Thread

This server will now be restarted on a daily basis in aid of stability and to reduce connection issues.

Admins who restart this server daily are to post in here immediately after or just before doing so.
Rebooted #2

60 on already
11:49 AM

Server Crashed.
Might have been me :/
Server 2 just crashed on map change.
Just done Server 2
Server crashed
server crashes should be posted in pinned thread this is for restarts Tongue
Server rebooted its self as it just crashed.
The reason I post it here is people can see in one thread when the last reboot was.
Server rebooted 7 mins ago from a crash.
Just rebooted #2
Will reboot 2 after this round.

Server rebooted 18:14
Rcon log shows last crash at 2pm so no point rebooting today.
ive restarted server at 09:44
Server 2 rebooted,
1 day 4 hours uptime Smile
Rebooted #2
Rebooted #2
Rebooted #2
Uptime is only 3 hours, no point rebooting today.
I rebooted #2 as it had the connecting bug.
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