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Full Version: Aimbot / Wallhack at [PTG] #2 24/7 | Op Locker | No Explosives |
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Spectator mode doesn't sync up properly when people use positions like this, so I don't actually think he's cheating :/

I'm not sure though as I haven't used spec mode too much
With spectator mode being as bugged as it is currently videos like this don't really prove one way or another if someone is hacking as you just can't trust what you see is accurate.

This guy has had 80 visits to the non explosives and nobody has had any issues with him.

Seems fine.
he is not cheating, like athena says the spectator mode is actually desynced as if you look at the guys he kills are all actually to the right of his cross hair (spec mode shows him shooting the wall when he is actaully aiming at the door in the actual game)if he was aimbotting he would snap target on them on just hip fire headshot check on these 2 vids to see what I mean:
(01-15-2014, 04:22 PM)ak051162 Wrote: [ -> ]Ath3na last times you say you dont believe this page only for stats. Now you show his stats on that page. Or say this Chef_uk to me ? I dont remember.
When you not can look in the spectator mode, in what form then ? Then its timewasting to report a player with a video.
But think that every cheater begin one day, he is not borning as cheater. And a good cheater its hard to catch him. But you say spectator mode is buggy. Ok, i need to accept, but never more I speak about cheating , hacker or someting else.
Then I delete the video later. I will not that he has problems after.

This reminds me of a great old Joseph Heller quote: "just because I'm paranoid doesn't mean they're not out to get me".
Try to enjoy the game a bit more, bro, sounds like you spend more time attempting to catch 'spies'. We had a couple of players last night who where absolutely unreal when compared to everyone else on the server - but looking at their play you just realize they are genuinely that good.

One of the senior DICE devs had a look at spectator mode recently and said it is absolute garbage in its current state and unfit for purpose, something he promised to address asap.

peace Batman!
I said the thing is already done for me.

@Havoc: I am not looking extra for cheaters. It was a coincidence that I had noticed him.