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Full Version: New DayZ Mod Owners
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If you've just brought the latest humble bundle post up in here. You'll obviously be wanting to try out DayZ and all I can say is it's a steep learning curve.

I suggest we all go on the mod version one night with season players helping you guys out get a feel of it. Going in blind will see you thinking its shit pretty early on. Get on with others that can explain everything and you will hopefully appreciate the good side to it Smile
I have it, if only I can get the damn thing to work....
Some of the other DayZ vet's will be able to help you out mate. It isn't the easiest game to get set up.
You're better off learning to play Arma 2. Learn to move, shoot, drive, fly etc. Then go play on an Arma 2 wasteland server. Once you get the hang of that just imagine wasteland with zombies that aren't much of a threat unless you've left the comp to go take a piss; if you like that idea... go buy DayZ SA.
Hey Chef, why not make a thread explaining the installation process for the DayZ mod? I remember a good while back I had trouble, got it to work but trying to find games with the right versions and such was hard work.
I think there is a thread explaining dayZ setup, but you'llhave to search for it
All you need is days commander
Dayz, damn autocorrect!
commander is a must have tool