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Full Version: APB RELOADED
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We got a thread for this already?

If not stick your bits here.

I have several PTG branded bits of clobber on the auctions including Tattoos, clothing, a car and some MOD's for those early to the game.

Any specially branded item can be made - just pm me in game and I'll knock something up for you.
Terdle and I, have just been doing crim/enforcer ram raiding. This has made Terdle 60k in about half hour...
4x enforcer vans == 240k in half hour... Fancy giving this a go later?
Explain this - so crim rams then enforcer arrests or something?

(PTG merchandise available at all good auction sites to any newly very rich PTG players around here).
no crim rams then enforcers fill their vans and drop it off.

really easy money
Bloody hell thats insane. I'm up for an hour of that tonight. I could use with getting some cash for a car or two! Ha!
Yep it's easy to make the extra cash Smile
Would I have to gift my crim van to my copper?
can I do that?
Yeah just send it through the mail or just buy another on your cop Smile
yea orr find moose on mumble early in the morning and make him buy one for you. Since moose helped me, I'll be your crim tonight ^^
Lol I just got abit of extra cash still Smile
fking fck fck. I thought let's go grind some money, ram shit and take it to the fence. I find a server with 6 crims and no enforcer so I start collecting. After about an hour I have 30k in my stash. So just when I was about to go to the money launderer the server goes offline -.-
Damn dude that sucks..

I am stuck in the village now until tomorrow night..

How badly do you think this game would run on a 1MB internet connection? All I think I'll be able to do is go to the Social and make some designs. Still beats sitting here scratching my balls for 36 hrs with fuck all to do.