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Full Version: Hilarious Headlines Thread
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Bored at work so here's a few to get started with:

[Image: gordon_by_hootles-d7gfms7.jpg]

[Image: snickers_by_hootles-d7gfmtg.jpg]
I dont even...
Awesome thread

[Image: 86sy.jpg]

[Image: s5nk.jpg]

[Image: a2am.jpg]

[Image: b4ob.png]
[Image: images__1__by_hootles-d7gfx37.jpg]

If you're bored at work why not log in to RconNET and do some admining?
Coz I'm at work!

[Image: pleated_jeans3_by_hootles-d7gfxto.png]
[Image: stupid_headline_by_hootles-d7hks2z.jpg]
[Image: sueshimself.jpg]
[Image: midget_humor_funny_headline_by_hootles-d9altkt.jpg]

[Image: chick_by_hootles-d9altot.jpg]

[Image: hilarious_news_headlines_01_by_hootles-d9altpv.jpg]