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Full Version: I can't play Battlefield 4 anymore
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Hey guys it's been a long time since i played on Battlefield that's because i have not enough RAM, but yes i can still play but i will crash of i'm longer on than 5-10 min.
So i will come back around christmas if i got enough Ram.

cya guys
how many RAM you use ?
4 RAM i can play but evry sec i get screen freezes and i lag, after 5-10 min i crash and i'm not going to take a risk when i crash that my computer is gonna be broken :/
1. mean by crash? is it Blue screen? if so then the problem might be something else. (like heat or malfunctioning driver\hardware)
2. monitor what takes a lot of RAM.
3. close opened running services and process that you don't need.
4. uninstall unneeded junk
5. make sure that is your Paging File path is responsive enough.
6. use your cat to absorb heat.
1 no just my pc gets stuck no bluescreen just i can't do anything
2 most of the time i play bf4 i have nothing on that takes ram
3 same as 2
4 will see i have a pc for 5 ppl xD
5 i will look for that
6 i'm not going to use my cat Tongue
i will see if it helps if not then i just need to wait a couple months Tongue

use the built in windows, PERFMON (performance monitor)
define a counters for Paging file, Memory usage, and IO.

than run the game.
Don't dismiss the importance of feline heat sinks so readily. There's a reason they sit on radiators. They absorb heat that would otherwise make us fatally uncomfortable. Get in touch with your local feline union and ask to be placed in touch with either a heatsink specialist or a PC repair/RAM stand-in kitten.
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[Image: 815602ac2ba8ecc79f8632b907472fdf-oh-good...harged.jpg]
(10-27-2014, 02:11 PM)johanstyle144 Wrote: [ -> ]bark il put you in my pc


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bark remember my grammar isn't that good i'm not from uk or usa.
and my pc is way better for you, you belong in a windows XP pc
If you were from the US your grammar would probably be worse!

XP cannot handle a 12 Gigawatt PSU.
XP can handle 12 Gigatwat PSU (that's you bark)
I don't know, Gigatwats are quite focused units, they don't handle multithreaded funk. And XP is for peasants. My funk is upmarket.
You def. Should dl some more ram dude.
Helped me a lot Kappa
Well slap him thrice and call him Senpai, that there is the voice of experience. That website saved my life when I had RAM issues, back in 2009. +rep!
with you're windows XP pc ?
Did you just really say "windows XP"?
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