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Full Version: Site Updates
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We have added a new plugin on site to help link all your social networking sites on site.

Its easy to set up,  just follow these simple steps ( Instructions Are For PTG 1 Skin ) 

01: At the top of the site click My account and then select User CP

[Image: gODfTIy.jpg]

02: Once the page reloads look on the left under Miscellaneous for social Sites,

[Image: pSPJaYt.jpg]

Once on this page just fill out the profiles you'd like to link and then select Save.

These will display in 2 places on the forum

1st one is on your profile page under the about me tab.

[Image: z11lTdO.jpg]

2nd place is in the postbit within your topic / replys

[Image: Y2giOzX.jpg]

We have also changed the user bars on site with some new updated ones as discussed within our clan meeting, you can see a few of them in the images above.
on mine user bar u got me down as server admin but u taken that off me . we don't want any new and old and playing members to get confused do we Rolleyes