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Full Version: Crashed germanwings machine
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Co-pilot had a sick note for that day. Was found teared apart in his apartment.. Thats fucking rough. He was in a psychological institute before for unknown reasons (depression seems logical), searched for help, got help and still decided it wasnt enough. Ugh Sad
Millions of people suffer from depression each year. Murdering hundreds of people seems to be quite a rare occurance whether you have depression or not. Also how was he to know the Captain was going to leave the flight deck? and finally, what has this got to do with a gaming community?
The point is called "news" so I guess since its news i can post it here?
He flew the machine there too so maybe he just didnt have a possibility on the first flight?
Didnt see you complain about the other non-gaming-related news threads.
Crazy story.

Unbelievable that you can have one person in the cockpit on his own whilst the pilot goes to drain the lizard.

Yeah, its shocking. France airforce even had a jet up there after radio contact didn't seem to go through but since the pilot did not reach anyone he had to pull off again. Can't imagine the feeling of certain death coming closer to a whole airplane while sitting outside the cockpit not being able to break in the door.. Argh :/

Biggest part of the plane they found was 3m... I guess nobody felt pain for long though.. Cant imagine anyone surviving that for long. Or staying in one piece even..