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Full Version: Steam Summer Sale 2015!
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It's here! Hide your wallets guys!

[Image: steam_sales_have_begun-138474.gif]
Just bought: 

Metro 2033 Redux
Metro Last Light Redux
Xcom bundle
Resident Evil 5 Gold Edition
Papers, please
I'm trying to resist - to the point that I've tied up my money in CSGO weaponry. 

So I bought a knife and few other bits - a shit one but it should turn a profit when I come to resell it as I bought it low.

Still got £10 I need to spend though....
I sold my knife, just colourful pixels at the end of the day. I've wanted half these games for a looooooong while anyway
I agree - but I'm saving my cash for a game I really want when I have a pc that can run things as they should be run.

Which knife did you sell? Wasn't it worth quite a bit? 
M9 Doppler Factory New phase 4.

I'm gonna save a fair portion of this for fallout 4's inevitable collectors edition.
You with your expensive knives. I don't even have a $50 knife! Most expensive skin is $5 AK 47 Redline FT (looks like MW though, no ugly scratches or anything)...
I got a real beaten up gut knife. Looks like it's never been washed. Looks like you'd need a tetanus shot just to hold it.

I've got a few others worth a few quid but I buy and sell to buy games on Steam for free.