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Full Version: The quest for a headset
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Hey guys, I applied yesterday, but I am looking for some help so maybe anyone can help me already Smile

here's the thing: I am fairly new to pc gaming, so now I want a good headset (communicating through my standard build in laptop microphone is to mainstream or something.. I just want quality). But a good headset is hard to find and I am not a tech junkie..

So... if you guys have suggestions or good experiences with headsets, please recommend them.

Money won't be a problem but max. like 50-60 euro for a good headset. (if its an even better one I might spend more but for now 50/60)

Thanks already!!

don't know too much about them either but got this cheap one about half a year ago, been happy with it so far. If you have 50/60 to spend though, there are better ones out there.
Technically you only need a mic, you can just use your speakers for sound
But if you want a decent headset that doesn't cost too much, I use a Creat1ve Fatality headset with costed me €30,=
Had it for little less than a year and it's not dead... yet.
thanks guys, will look into it!
I have the creat1ve fatality and it rapes my ears.. :/ if you have medium-big ears i would advise against it..

Look into a steelseries v2 or a hyper x cloud 2. The hyper x cloud 2 is probably one of the best gaming headsets out there. I think its around 70€ but worth every penny. The best you can get up until the pricerange of sennheiser g4me one/ zeros/ sennheiser pc363.

Edit: cloud 2 is 100€ cloud 1 70€
That's a personal thing though Smile
I picked up the Turtle Beach Z22 for £30 at the end of last October. Can't fault it.
i use corsair raptor HS40, not had any issues with them, the mic is really good

It does come down to personnel choice though  so look at all the suggestions and grab one your happy with Smile 
For that price you should be able to pick up a set of Sennheiser 429's and a Zalman ZMMIC 1
Awesome! will compare all the options and tell you which one I picked..
(by the way; I really like the active community you build. Nice work on that one Wink )
you could try the razor kraken 7.1 chroma nice and comfy very good sound too.