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Full Version: another hacker
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hacker on tonight on zavod at 10.45 ish 

irfabViewdotUI he was using a small ammo pack ( lol ) to kill and was invisable  got me in chopper was a shock to be killed by ammo pack
i cant find the name in battlelog, do you have the battlereport so we can look into it?
i checked the log and couldn't find the name either , can you check the battle report and pull his profile link and post it here

we will be able to then look into the guys and deal with him if needs be Smile
right spent about 20 minutes trolling the logs but found him Smile

IrfanViewdotUI    <<  correct spelling of name helps Tongue

cant load the report though :/

have placed a ban based on the info within the Log

Quote:Playerlist    08/19/2015 22:36:06        PlayerKilled    IrfanViewdotUI killed kyllmaster97 [{MISSING: global.Weapons.u_portableammopack} | -HEADSHOT-]

Playerlist    08/19/2015 22:36:31        PlayerKilled    IrfanViewdotUI killed SSHHABBA [{MISSING: global.Weapons.u_portableammopack} | -HEADSHOT-]

Thanks For The Report Sshhabba