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Event? - Johnboy82 - 05-02-2013

How about we make up a wee a event on our server?

Try and get some of the old players in just for it, maybe invite some other guys into it as well?

Event? - BarkSpear - 05-02-2013


No wait, I thought this was in the battlefield section XD

Event? - HooT - 05-02-2013

I might be up for this but it depends on the boy getting better and on when you plan on having this event JB.

Re: Event? - Johnboy82 - 05-02-2013

We can arrange for when it suits everyone I guess. The more people the better it will be.

Do teams of 2 or 3 or something like that but not have m00se and SJ on the same team around a set area in the map. Eveyone starts off with a makarov and we have to kill each other and of course zeds. The team that is left wins?

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Or we can do it over a set time and which ever team has the most kills wins.

I think 1 person would have to be the admin so they can teleport you next to your team mates and also maybe record some footage with that program which gives you the cinematic view of the map or whatever.

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RE: Event? - SJTG1993 - 05-02-2013

Sounds good, I'm thinking a DayZ oriented TDM wouldn't be a bad idea Big Grin the venue would have to be chosen carefully, as would boundaries. Berezino is the scale of thinking of, wide, dangerous flanking routes, narrow, chest high cover laden corridors for CQB, I've got an idea floating around my head which I'll explain on mumble tonight, the gist of which is people start with their own load out of choice, no primary weapon that does over 4000 DPS though, higher tier weapons (FN Fal, AKMs, few CZ's here and there) would be placed around strategically with everyone knowing the location of each. Free for all at the last 4 players, should be awesome giving that you've also got zombies to concentrate on :p

Event? - Johnboy82 - 05-02-2013

If your on at midnight SJ I should be on by then
At work doing the stock count just now and I need a wee arma fix later.

I was thinking if we have a password set for our server just now I can jump on grab the ural and drive about looking for weapons and other shit that we could use in the event possibly? Put some tents up around the event area and then stick random items in each tent?