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Arma 3 DayZ - St3v3oh - 05-05-2013

So I was browsing on the interwebs - especially youtube and look at that what I found.
My graficscard is a piece of garbage - at least for gaming - so I won't be able to play it until I get my new one but uh... Back to the topic.
Yeah. DayZ on Arma 3. It's not by Rocket - he is buisy working on the standalone but a different modding-group made this beautiful thing. As far as I know it's just the same as the mod from Arma 2 but on Arma 3 so.. Yeah, you might want to check it out.

The Video I found:

The website of the mod:

Oh by the way, thanks at chef for activating my account.

Enjoy Smile

Arma 3 DayZ - Chef_uk - 05-05-2013

That video is not ArmA3 lol. I've not even played the Alpha and can tell thats DayZ for ArmA2 Smile

Re: Arma 3 DayZ - m00se - 05-05-2013

The inventory system looks like arma3 in all honesty. However tbh arma3 is far from ready for mods etc.

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Arma 3 DayZ - St3v3oh - 05-06-2013

Not sure if I got trolled or not.
On the one hand the inventory system looks the same, the weapon stuff up to the right top of the screen is from Arma3 aaand ragdolls. Thats a big one. Plus the website is as far as I can see real.. And there is the Arma 3 Alpha watermark in the bottom right so yeah lol
Don't know how it plays out either. I only got "DayZ" speak Arma 2 + CO and rarely play it because of 14 beautiful frames per second..

RE: Arma 3 DayZ - SJTG1993 - 05-06-2013

Didn't get trolled, it's ArmA 3. But, it's using; ArmA 2 maps, ArmA 2 textures, ArmA 2 models. ArmA 2 specific game mechanics and more importantly the pathetic ArmA 2 lighting engine, which you can tell from the shadows.

Arma 3 DayZ - St3v3oh - 05-06-2013

Yeah, I guess they just changed very little so the mod fits on ArmA 3 and just copied and pasted the rest as far as that was possible.
You might wanna check it out, it's basically DayZ just running smoother and you have ragdolls + a "better" inventory system.
Just wanted to bring that out there. Smile

RE: Arma 3 DayZ - SJTG1993 - 05-06-2013

I checked it yesterday, you can't eat or drink in it as the inventory system doesn't allow it, so after half an hour or so you start to slowly die haha

Arma 3 DayZ - Johnboy82 - 05-09-2013

Bud just posted this link

RE: Arma 3 DayZ - SJTG1993 - 05-09-2013

Original SixLauncher nostalgia, anyone?