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FTB Unleashed! - SJTG1993 - 08-06-2013

Got a Minecraft FTB Unleashed server set up, it's unlimited slots but it's not the most powerful, so set it to 4 slots for now, if anyone wants to join you'll need FTB Unleashed version 1.1.2 from here:

Server IP:

Currently trying to build a smeltery Big Grin

FTB Unleashed! - Miksta - 08-06-2013


FTB Unleashed! - kossy - 08-06-2013

spawns inside smeltery....SJ!!! xD

FTB Unleashed! - Geordie - 08-06-2013

if you guys see me on there its actually my young lad. no swearing in chat please Wink

FTB Unleashed! - BarkSpear - 08-06-2013

Swearing in chat is half the fun of typing... WHY U TEK AWAY MY HAPPINESS

FTB Unleashed! - m00se - 08-13-2013

So who decided to use up all the scrap? Was intended for the Mass Fab to get UU matter... Cheers...

RE: FTB Unleashed! - SJTG1993 - 08-13-2013

Not been on past couple of nights dude, check the logs see if any randoms have been on?

EDIT: Wasn't there like, 7k when I last checked? What the fuck got made with that?

FTB Unleashed! - m00se - 08-13-2013

33k of scrap when I was last on. Someone made ALOT of scrap boxes by the looks of it

RE: FTB Unleashed! - hem666 - 08-14-2013
made think of yous nooooooobs Smile

RE: FTB Unleashed! - SJTG1993 - 08-14-2013

Could have glitched with the sheer amount of scrap there was?

RE: FTB Unleashed! - m00se - 08-14-2013

Not a chance. The scrap box was in the me crafting terminal so had to be someone.

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RE: FTB Unleashed! - SJTG1993 - 08-14-2013

I can't see anyone going g on the server other than you, kossy and terdle in the past couple of days, might have been an accident or something

FTB Unleashed! - BarkSpear - 08-14-2013

Kossy confided in me that he had a moment of madness and blew it all up. With explosives.

RE: FTB Unleashed! - ptg_dimiav - 08-14-2013

just googled what is scrap in minecraft and i found out it this:
[Image: Scrap.png]
seriously guys ?!? you were collecting 33,000 piles of poop?!?!?!

why ?!?!?!?!!?!?

Re: RE: FTB Unleashed! - hem666 - 08-14-2013

(08-14-2013, 01:31 PM)BarkSpear Wrote: Kossy confided in me that he had a moment of madness and blew it all up. With explosives.


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FTB Unleashed! - kossy - 08-19-2013

Server has crashed :'(

RE: FTB Unleashed! - SJTG1993 - 08-19-2013

Dude I gave you access to the CP so you could stop/start/restart the server?

FTB Unleashed! - m00se - 08-19-2013

Updated to 1.1.3 be sure to update before joining!

In FTB launcher change from recommended to 1.1.3

FTB Unleashed! - Terdle - 08-21-2013

I'm pretty sure I posted here saying I was the one that used the scrap, not realising it was being saved up for something. I cant find the post, so I will appologize again!

FTB Unleashed! - kossy - 08-21-2013

uhm... the server crashed, It seems that crafting rednet cable in the me system is a bad idea. My login to the control panel doesn't seem to work aswell Sad

p.s help!