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ABOTALEN in Locker 3 days ago - Visric - 12-26-2013

I thought I'll waste everybodys time by reporting a player called "ABOTALEN".

He was on the locker server three days ago. After he killed me several times I did check his stats on battlelog.

Interesting headshots / kill figures on some of his guns.

There was a member of PTG on the server, but he just told me to record and post on forums. Since I don't have any recording software (or never will have), I thought I bring up this player regardless.

I stumbled on this weird battlefield 4 database and run ABOTALEN.

Nice red colour on the HSKR he has, don't you think...

Any other "proof" I don't have. You decide if this is enough or just a waste of everybodys time.

ABOTALEN in Locker 3 days ago - BarkSpear - 12-26-2013

Thank you for your report. Usually we do prefer footage in reports due to the difficult nature of telling the difference between hacking and the effects of BF4's shit coding. On this occasion however, the stats speak for themselves and I have banned ABOTALEN across all PTG servers.

As for recording software, nVidia Shadowplay is a very good free alternative to paid for software. Alternatively, free versions of FRAPS are available.

Thanks again for your report Smile

ABOTALEN in Locker 3 days ago - Ath3na - 12-26-2013

Nice work Visric

ABOTALEN in Locker 3 days ago - hem666 - 12-26-2013

good job m8

ABOTALEN in Locker 3 days ago - jockgrilse - 12-27-2013

nice one vis,ty.