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Free Postcode Lottery - Chef_uk - 02-15-2014

I've been signed up to this for a couple of months now and it's legit and spam free. Basically, create an account and use your postcode, then log in once a day to see if your postcode has won. You get one email with the pot amount and the link to remind you to go check. No other spam is sent. If your postcode is picked, you will automatically have the pot paid in to your account. If your the only one in that postcode who has checked in that day, the whole pot is yours.

Up until today, the pot increased by £20 and the highest it has got before someone claimed was £240. From today though, it's now £30 per day. If your postcode is picked and you don't check the site that day, you won't win. That's where the funding comes from by basically page views. The below is my referral link so I get a little bit added to my personal pot (you get your personal pot topped up each day you visit the site and this is added on to the winnings when you win the full pot).

If you would rather not use my referral link, use this one instead Sad

Free Postcode Lottery - k3rMz - 02-15-2014

there ya go i used ya referrel link to help ya out

Free Postcode Lottery - Phyzick - 02-15-2014

Ahh nice one, just signed up and used your referral!

Fingers crossed Wink

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Free Postcode Lottery - BarkSpear - 02-15-2014

Im going to sign up later. And im going to use the ordinary link.

Free Postcode Lottery - Coldfuse - 02-18-2014

I used your referral link and signed up myself.

How much/often have you won?

Free Postcode Lottery - BarkSpear - 02-18-2014

I ended up using your referral you whore. I expect gratuitous expressions of appreciation.

Free Postcode Lottery - Chef_uk - 02-19-2014

Won sod all Sad a new member who registered on Jan 2nd won on Jan 4th. It really is random Smile

Free Postcode Lottery - Chef_uk - 03-11-2014

Pot increased to £40 per day Smile

Free Postcode Lottery - BarkSpear - 03-11-2014

Noticed that, still not won though -_- Demand money. Now.

Free Postcode Lottery - Chef_uk - 11-18-2014

Pot now £60 per day and they have started up a £10 stackpot too. You can also scroll to the very bottom of the page for a second postcode that gets published at 6pm to win another tenner.

Rollovers are reaching £300 more often than not too. Still not won yet though lol

Free Postcode Lottery - BarkSpear - 11-18-2014

Its some poncey southern postcode everyday. Tax dodging fuckers probably signed up 199877 times each. ONCE out of hundreds did the draw come out with a postcode within 40 miles of me, ironically for a house three streets away from where I used to live.

Free Postcode Lottery - Chef_uk - 11-18-2014

You can only sign up once. The owner of the site has a way of checking for multiple sign ups and has refused to pay out in the past when a postcode won that was owned by someone who had registered twice.

I'm sure there are ways around it though.

Free Postcode Lottery - BarkSpear - 11-18-2014

Oh I mean with separate postcodes, going through a list and using them all. I know someone who has a few postcodes on there he doesn't actually own. The bastard.

RE: Free Postcode Lottery - Chef_uk - 11-27-2014

Now £70 per day. I'm going to be so happy when one of us wins Smile This could be double by next summer with rollovers occurring more frequently than when it was just £10, crazy.

RE: Free Postcode Lottery - Chef_uk - 12-28-2014

Made the Best website of the year list:

And now the national news:

2015 is going to be a massive year for them Smile

RE: Free Postcode Lottery - k3rMz - 12-28-2014

was sooo close yesterday only a mile down the road lol 

RE: Free Postcode Lottery - Chef_uk - 12-28-2014

10 mile away is my closest.

RE: Free Postcode Lottery - Chef_uk - 01-17-2015

£560 today and still no claim Smile 

Loughborough, Leicestershire
Postcode = LE11 4LJ

RE: Free Postcode Lottery - Chef_uk - 04-01-2015

Quote:In 2011 I released my experiment into the wild with every expectation that it would wither and die, but 4 years on I’m astonished at how big FPL has become, how much press coverage it has achieved, and how much of a community has grown around it since we celebrated our last birthday. To mark the occasion I’m raising the main draw prize fund to £100 early, and putting the Survey Draw up to £50!

That’s an extra £40 given away every day, which totals £170 now (£100 Main Draw + £50 Survey Draw + 2 x £10 Stackpot) not to mention the Mini Draw and Bonus additions. That means that FPL gives away more than £62,000 per year!

The change will happen at midday today, and I’ll also round up the current pots to the nearest £100 (and £50 for the Survey Draw). I realise this breaks the convenient link between “% UK postcodes entered” and the main daily prize but we can return to that when we hit 11%, or 12%, or maybe something completely different… who knows? As long as you keep supporting the site by spreading the word I’ll respond by giving away more :-)

The Last Year
How can FPL afford to give away more? Well, things have really been going our way recently. Last Summer we had a rush of press interest which led to coverage in The Sun, The Times, The Evening Standard,, Yahoo and on BBC Radio and even a TV appearance on London Live.

Your (polite) demands for extra daily prizes led to the creation of the Stackpot back in October which, of course, brought more page impressions per visit and therefore, more revenue. In November FPL won the Best Website Award in the Communities category at the Website of the Year 2014 Awards. After Christmas time we made some more post-holiday column inches in the Daily Mail, Telegraph and AOL. In February I finally got round to improving the daily reminder emails which has improved response rates and made it easier to signpost different pages and offers. Finally, in March we were asked to trial new software that allowed us to conceal a winning postcode behind a simple survey question provided by market research companies on behalf of big brands. It worked well so I introduced the Survey Draw.

The Survey Draw
Each time you answer a question market researchers pay us a small amount which becomes a significant amount when enough of you do it. The questions are fun and the answer you provide remains anonymous. Sometimes it asks you a sequence of questions but for each one you answer you gain an extra day of question-free access. It also lets me create FPL’s own surveys from which I have been posting the results on the Facebook Page.

These new pages have given FPLers more opportunity to post comments which, in itself, has become a defining part of the website and daily experience. Lots of you are voluntarily helping out people who post questions before I get a chance to even see them, and even more of you are (for some unknown reason) posting your postcode presumably in the hope that this improves your chances (I can confirm that, of course, it doesn’t). We’re even getting self-appointed FPL comedians like the controversial “Blind Bob Stoker” (an apparently Marmite character for many of you) posting jokes. And, like any online forum, we’re getting a lot of strangers bickering like siblings :-). But we’re also getting loads of lovely appreciative (and sometimes very flattering, if not over-exaggerated) comments. Here are a couple of my recent favourites (blush):

A young man with a heart the size of the Eiffel Tower designs a website and instead of lining his pockets, decides to give money away, for FREE, and out come the moaning minnies. There’s always the National Lottery if you don’t like Chris’s FREE draws!! – Linda Ibbetson

The absolute gentleman Mr Chris Holbrook who developed this, is not just a genius, he is IMHO very generous, his own sense of humor, which I find dotted all around the site, is priceless.
A laugh a minute coming here, its like winning every time I open the pages, just because I smile Smile – TJ Harris

Ahem… forgive my self-indulgence.

The Next Year
Since April the 1st 2011 3.8 million people have visited the site and over £45,000 has been won. Having undershot with my optimism when I launched the site my expectations for FPL’s 5th year are running high and I think that at least one of these figures will be doubled by the end of it. Don’t forget to do your bit (as well as increasing your bonus to up to £200) by posting your referral link wherever you can. I’m very grateful that continued growth of FPL has allowed me to quit my job and focus on continuing the site’s growth and there’s no way I’m going back :-)

Expect a new site design (please don’t whinge – it’s a mess), more prize increases and at least one new daily draw…

Thanks all for your continued support. Good luck in year 5!


Great news Smile

RE: Free Postcode Lottery - Chef_uk - 07-02-2015

Map of winning postcodes to date.!/vizhome/FreePostCodeLottery/ClaimedColour