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5imon the wallhacker - hattorihanzo1977 - 08-03-2014

I'm reporting this guy cause many players have complained about him...
In the video there is a little section when he snipe without scope doing only headshots. In the second part he write on the wall with the repair tool "fuck hanzo" ... he knew i was spectating him.
Last cheating tools detect if someone is

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5imon the wallhacker - HadesBoB - 08-03-2014

He did the same with me. I changed to spectator view and after i switched over to him (i didnt wrote a single word in chat before), he immediately ran to the wall and wrote "fuck you HadesBoB". Video is still uploading...

Funny thing is that his cheat score is actually all green. thats how much you can give about this...

Little late but heres the vid.

I know hes been banned already but i promised.Tongue

5imon the wallhacker - 61sniper - 08-03-2014

Thankyou for taking the time to do this, player has been banned

5imon the wallhacker - hattorihanzo1977 - 08-03-2014

Really many thanks man! I'm happy 'cause he was also a cheater as well as a liar!
thank you again!

5imon the wallhacker - pandainclogic - 08-03-2014

thx hattori

5imon the wallhacker - LauRitZi0 - 08-04-2014

Nice catch dude