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Change your passwords! - St3v3oh - 08-06-2014

Some russian hackers got hold of 1.2 billion (for you uk people - milliarden for me) password/email combinations. thats half of the internet users. I advise changing anything you have even if its 30+ accounts. They havent sold the data yet but you never know. also watch out for weird emails more than ever..
gl hf

if you see weird attachments.. the app does that. deal with it

Change your passwords! - k3rMz - 08-06-2014

google is your friend ->

whilst were on the subjest i received a spam message the other night , heres a link to a topic about it , just so your awre of it.

the person who contacted me wasn't even on my friends list but was friends with someone else so be careful.

RE: Change your passwords! - St3v3oh - 08-06-2014

yeah I got it from google.
Posted from my phone so couldnt provide the sauce of my info

if you see weird attachments.. the app does that. deal with it

Change your passwords! - PTG_Havoc - 08-06-2014

Your governments sanction Mother Russia - Mother Russians sanction you!

God damn Ruskies!

Change your passwords! - Jessibelle1992 - 08-06-2014

Basically - It's all Kermz' fault.

Change your passwords! - deathbrgr - 08-06-2014

either way it caused me to have an anxiety attack having to change my passes since every pass onall accounts are different also took another step by telling bank my credit cards were lost

Change your passwords! - PTG_Havoc - 08-07-2014

brgr - stick your head in a bucket of ice cold beer or cider - helps!

Change your passwords! - Ninja - 08-08-2014

wish id of paid attention to this the moment it came up had my email account, origin account stolen and banned paypal account hacked and quite a few other personal things because someone gained access to my email and game account .. dont know how long its gunna take to start off from scratch again spent the past hour with ea support and it boils down to them not being able to do anything with an account breech sucks to be me right now Sad also any1 who has my origin account thats been breeched please remove it i wouldnt wish the same on anyone else if it was done via someone on friends list, whats even more concerning is not knowing exactly when they gained access.

Re: Change your passwords! - 61sniper - 08-08-2014

Shit m8 hope you get it sorted real soon

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Change your passwords! - Absode - 08-08-2014

yea someone tried to log into my email account from an unknown IP luckly it got blocked and i changed my password.

Change your passwords! - Ninja - 08-08-2014

currently dealing with even balance about it via tickets so hopefully get it sorted soon ... not happy at all that my name now appears in the pbbans mbi through no fault of my own, but everyone be careful with ur email accounts ect pleas... Ontop of being banned from the game also some **** has spent £1700 in paypal on god knows what as i cant get into paypal or the email account thats comprimised.. P'd off doesnt cover how angry i am right now

RE: Change your passwords! - St3v3oh - 08-08-2014

wow thats devestating. hope it all gets fixed. maybe download a password tresor next time and change them regularly...

if you see weird attachments.. the app does that. deal with it

Change your passwords! - Bomberman - 08-08-2014

Fuck! Hard luck Deveouse mate that's fucking awful.