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MS buy Mojang? - BarkSpear - 09-10-2014

RE: MS buy Mojang? - h00f3d - 09-14-2014

You're drunk, Microsoft. Put your wallet away and go home.

MS buy Mojang? - Jessibelle1992 - 09-15-2014

Minecraft now with kinect support!

RE: MS buy Mojang? - NoHatCowboy - 09-20-2014

That i don't like at all Angry

MS buy Mojang? - BarkSpear - 09-20-2014

Notch got soooooo pissy about Oculus getting bought by FB, then went and did practically the same thing! Hypocrite. At least FB will expand the platform. MS are more likely to start 'exclusives' for its fucking eggbox.