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Server Donations - Zammo - 10-22-2014

Hello. I play on your servers quite regularly and as the server is often full, I wanted to donate to obtain a ViP slot.

I that see you accept donations but I can't find any info on where to send the money and if the ViP slots are available for non-members or the donation amounts required.

Could you let me know please Smile

Server Donations - BarkSpear - 10-22-2014

Here's a copy of the information on the home screen. Both the one-off and monthly donation buttons link automatically to our donations account, so no manual input is required:

Everyone who donates towards our server costs will be added to our VIP queue list. This means you get to jump the queue of normal and Premium players.

For every £5 you donate, you will get a month on the VIP list, the more you donate, the more time you stay as a VIP. As a VIP you will beat the Normal and Premium queue on all of our servers and now new for Battlefield 4, you will also be added to our autobalance whitelist meaning you will no longer be switched from your team mates.

For ease of use, you have the choice of donating a one off amount using the donate button to the right, or if you're happy too; you can set up a monthly subscription using one of the pre-set amounts below.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who donates to Clan [PTG]

Hope that helps Smile

Server Donations - Zammo - 10-22-2014

Thanks. I'm not sure how I missed that on the home page, it is plenty big enough Smile

This is why I don't snipe lol

RE: Server Donations - SJTG1993 - 10-22-2014

Haha, just a quick note though, Chef is the person with access to the donation account on PayPal. Once he's confirmed your donation, the month of VIP will start from when you're added to the list. So if it takes a few days to process the donation, you'll still receive the full month you donated for Smile

RE: Server Donations - BarkSpear - 10-22-2014

(10-22-2014, 04:31 PM)Zammo Wrote: Thanks. I'm not sure how I missed that on the home page, it is plenty big enough Smile

This is why I don't snipe lol

Haha, happens to us all at some point xD

Server Donations - Zammo - 10-30-2014

How long does it normally take to get added to the ViP list? I sent my donation a week ago but I've still not been added

Server Donations - Zammo - 11-06-2014

I'm still having to queue to get on the server. Would somebody be able to check if I have been added to the ViP list please? Smile

Server Donations - k3rMz - 11-06-2014

can you confirm you ingame / battlelog id and ill have a look for you.

Server Donations - Zammo - 11-06-2014

I included my game name with my donation - Zammmo - 3 m's Smile

Server Donations - k3rMz - 11-07-2014

I have checked the lists and your name is in it, we do not use aggressive joining so although vip listing helps you queue jump there might be other vip's in the queue before you and thats whats causing the delay in joining.

All i can advice is that you keep trying , server 1 and 3 see a huge amount of traffic due to there popularity and our VIP is current quite large due to this.

Server Donations - Zammo - 11-07-2014

Thanks for checking for me Smile