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RE: New headset - St3v3oh - 11-11-2014

Is there a version of the hd598 that doesnt look like shit? Wtf are these brown and dirty white colours. It looks like someone without eyes designed it that or someone used a random number generator to find out the rgb codes...
Is there a black version? Can only find the fugly brownish version

New headset - HaruRyu - 11-11-2014

I use Roccat Kave 5.1. I Bought it around 85 euros. Its amazing and great bass

RE: New headset - St3v3oh - 11-11-2014

Im not really looking for that kind of hedset though :/ i prefer clear sound over overpowered bass

Looking into the hd558 atm, its less ugly, 50€ cheaper than the 598 and supposedly similar in sound.
Ill investigate..

RE: New headset - HaruRyu - 11-11-2014

i can guarantee you that its not overpowered. its clear. i promise

RE: New headset - SJTG1993 - 11-11-2014

The 598's do look like shit, but so do noctua fans, and they're the best you can get.

You could have a look at Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro's, just make sure you get the 32 Ohm ones unless you have a headphone amp that can drive the 80Ohm/250Ohm ones.

RE: New headset - St3v3oh - 11-11-2014

I dont wear noctua fans on my head either, do I Big Grin
The difference between 598 and 558 is really slim except for the open-ear design
I really feel like the 558 are the best choice here. And i can use the saved money on an amp or soundcard if really needed

(11-11-2014, 02:03 PM)HaruRyu Wrote: i can guarantee you that its not overpowered. its clear. i promise
Soundstage is inferior to the sennheisers though so yeeeaaah :/
Thx for the help though

RE: New headset - SJTG1993 - 11-11-2014

50e isn't enough to get you a soundcard worthy of driving a decent pair of headphones tbh, you'd be better off saving it and adding at a later date to get yourself a USB DAC

RE: New headset - St3v3oh - 11-11-2014

Should work fine with my motherboard though shouldnt it? Its not like its a noname - 15$ board

RE: New headset - SJTG1993 - 11-11-2014

It'll work, but the sound quality won't be as good, output impedance will be rather high

RE: New headset - St3v3oh - 11-11-2014

Keeping that in mind i'll still save 50€ because id need a soundcard with the 598 too ^^

RE: New headset - St3v3oh - 12-05-2014


Gonna get new ones after christmas. Split between the HD558 and the agk q701 both with clip on mics. Q701 has the better soundstage and is more clear while the hd558 has more bass and is a bit muffled but also cheaper... Atm i think Q701>HD558

New headset - dune666 - 12-22-2014

Try Steelseries siberia v2 (not usb). Sounds great and mic is very good.

RE: New headset - St3v3oh - 12-22-2014

Getting that for my gf for christmas Wink

Nah, as i said i wanted a true pair if headphones and not some gamerstuff.. Got the Q701 and a creative soundcard for 75.. Plus a modic - so damn excited Big Grin

RE: New headset - Chef_uk - 12-26-2014

I have temporarily joined the dark side after unwrapping these:

No idea how good they will be over my Roccat Kave (doubt it) but at least I won't have to wear an itchy velcro strap under my chin to keep the cans on my ears anymore lol

Finally feel free to tell me how shit my mic is as and when the USBness fails Wink

RE: New headset - St3v3oh - 12-26-2014

I have the Q701s now and the sound quality is mind blowing. I listened to an old live recording of genesis - done with the best equipment money could buy back then - and when i closed my eyes i could see the stage in front of me, it sounded like i was in the crowd, i could pinpoint every instrument.. Soo guuuuud i wanna listen to them all day Big Grin

RE: New headset - St3v3oh - 12-26-2014

And the soundcard does really damn good work (screw you sj) and the software is amazeballs