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PTG discord server (test) - Skalle - 06-10-2017

The clan council has decided to test discord instead of mumble as it's free
And many more have gone over to discord
It's easy to use so we hope you will try it
The server is set up in roles
Clan council
Recruitment committees
Ban liaison officer
Clan founder
Ptg clan menber
Like on the forums

RE: PTG discord server (test) - Bomberman - 06-10-2017

Can't recommend Discord enough - has a decent mobile app too Smile

RE: PTG discord server (test) - HooT - 06-17-2017

Yep. It's brilliant

RE: PTG discord server (test) - k3rMz - 06-18-2017

Not many people using mumble atm  as most have come on discord Smile

For those of you who havn't tried it its well worth signing up, has a great desktop UI and the mobile app work's brilliant 

Its free to download and use and has alot more features than mumble Smile