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Application to join - Boudica - 12-10-2017

"Do you have a headset & microphone? This is crucial for voice communication on mumble.

1) Will you be active within the community? e.g. Forums, Mumble etc.
2) You will not be a member of or represent another clan? 
3) How did you find our community?
4) What is your in-game name?
5) What game are you interested in playing with the clan?
6) Would you be willing to donate towards clan funds?*
7) Were you referred by a member? If so, who?
8) Steam/Origin/Battlelog profile/s. Link as many as you want so the community can add you! ( Ensure that these profiles are not private)."

1) Yes, almost every single day.
2) No, only PTG.
3) Looking through server browser for locker maps and joined clan discord.
4) Boudicaaa
5) Battlefield series mainly
6) Perhaps
7) Marko
8) Origin: Boudicaa
8i) Steam: Boudica

RE: Application to join - Mark091 - 12-10-2017


Thank you for your application. You will now be vetted by the Recruitment Committee, a process which may take up to 3 days. If you clear this vetting, you will be accepted into Clan [PTG] as a probationary member and permitted to wear our tags in-game. You will retain this probationary status for a period of 6 weeks.

During this probationary period, you will constantly be assessed to ensure you act in accordance with the standards expected of a [PTG] member. If you are judged to have met these standards at the 6 week point, you will be promoted to full [PTG] member. If you fail to meet the standard required however, you will be removed from the Clan [PTG] usergroup.

As an applicant you're expected to act as a full PTG member in-game, following our server rules to the letter. You can view the server rules by typing !rules in-game, or just ask a PTG member if there's something you're unsure of.

The approval of your application will largely depend on how you interact with [PTG] members and public players in game and in mumble, both of which you will be expected to join. A headset with working mic is crucial for this. If you struggle with setting up your microphone, please refer to our setup guide below. The details for our mumble server, including a download link can be found here: (to join the discord if you have not already)
use a name we can identify with for discord

We expect you to keep up to date with all things PTG on our YouTube channel and our Twitter account whilst your application is in progress.

**If you donate towards our server fund then VIP status will be granted across all of our severs. This will give you a reserved slot on all PTG servers where applicable, which will allow you to jump the queue over normal and premium players once a slot becomes available and whitelist you from server autobalancing. If you are accepted into the clan and you prove yourself to be a trusted, mature member of the clan, then admin abilities may be granted to you by our council.

The Recruitment Committee will be available to guide you through the process and help you in any way we can. Please feel free to talk to us on mumble or via PM.

Good luck in your application!

**Whether or not you dont

RE: Application to join - Mark091 - 12-11-2017

The Recruitment Committee have vetted your application and you have been approved, congratulations! you can join the platoon now

RE: Application to join - SJTG1993 - 12-11-2017

Gratz dude, welcome to the family Smile

Full forum perms granted

RE: Application to join - jockgrilse - 12-11-2017

hi and welcome pal