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Tumbleweed?! - SJTG1993 - 03-08-2018

Not a single post since before christmas!

Happy new year everyone, and almost easter!

How's everyone doing?

RE: Tumbleweed?! - m00se - 03-08-2018


RE: Tumbleweed?! - jockgrilse - 03-12-2018

its like aberdeen on a flag day--------desserted

RE: Tumbleweed?! - Chef_uk - 03-13-2018

66 guests though Smile

RE: Tumbleweed?! - jockgrilse - 03-14-2018

(03-13-2018, 05:23 PM)Chef_uk Wrote: 66 guests though Smile

they are like me chef wondering wtf went wrong, i know.

RE: Tumbleweed?! - Jon170 - 03-17-2018

I think it hasn't been helped by EA releasing games that weren't up to par tbh. That and peoples lives changing meaning less time for game playing.

RE: Tumbleweed?! - Skalle - 03-18-2018

We still have people using munble
and people who use discord
and discord woorks as a forum
so the web page is not being used

RE: Tumbleweed?! - k3rMz - 05-03-2018

As skalle put above alot moved to Discord , this acts as both a VOIP and a place to post content plus alot of the guys perfer discord over mumble.

RE: Tumbleweed?! - Mark091 - 06-05-2018

yea chef, johnny5, seymour and mike (and other people i dont know) you are still using mumble when everyone else is using discord

RE: Tumbleweed?! - HooT - 06-05-2018

Anyway what do people think of new Battlefield?

RE: Tumbleweed?! - Mark091 - 06-17-2018

am going for it gonna love the V-1 Rocket flying through the air haha also MG42 heh heh