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SCUM SERVER - Skalle - 01-02-2019

PTG bring their professional server hosting skillset to #SCUM #SCUMGame. Join our brand new server early on and start building your fortifications as you see fit. Server name can be seen above.

ALL hackers/glitch abusers/racists will be permanently banned.

Server settings are as follows:
5 x loot
2 x cars
10-15 min cargo drop
High zombie/puppet count
7am (GMT) daily server restart
24 hour clock
Challenging Mechs

and most importantly, absolutely zero admin abuse/care packages.

(UK) PTG Scum Server - 5x Loot - 2x Cars -

Help can be acquired through Discord or Facebook.

[PTG] - Home of world ranked #1 servers in Battlefield 2, 3 and 4.

RE: SCUM SERVER - Skalle - 01-02-2019