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Ok so the spring patch is live tomorrow, one of things they missed which should be hitting is the ability to have multi admins and also 6 player starts.

If these are added in the patch tomoz do you guys still want us to get a server? 

now I know alot of us have premium so wondering if we should have a mixed map server rather than just stock maps, 

I don't think its a good idea to have 2 servers to start with, as it will split us up to much and wont allow us to seed, so post up guys this will allow us to move forward with a new server if the changes are implemented within the new patch.

Below is a list of options for setting the server up  ones highlighted in green need looking at

Server Monthly Cost  : £34.99


Elite Classes : On
Scout : On
Support : On
Assault: On
Medic : On
Land Vehicles : On
Air Vehicles : On


Melee : On
Handguns : On
Standard Rifles : On 
LMG : On
Self Loading Rifles : On
Shotguns : On
SMG : On
Explosives : On
Single Action Rifles : On 


Minimap Spotting : On
Nametags : On
Hud : On
3D Spotting : On
Always Fog : OFF
Friendly Fire : OFF
Kill Cam : On
Only Squad Leader Spawn : OFF
Map Voting :  ON
Regenerate Health : On
Vehicle 3P Camera : On
Behemoths : On
Reload Full Mags : OFF


Bullet Damage : 100%
Ticket Count : 200%
Respawn Time : 100%
Vehicle Respawn Time : 100%

ALL maps to be added

Also set it to 6 player start

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Without people willing to seed, it will be pointless. By all means, spend the money, it's there and there's plenty of it and I'll update the amounts tonight, however the need to seed has to be acknowledged. I'm off work for 4 days after today so can help seed, but it will require more than I.

[Image: 3031721.png?foreground=%23EEEEEE&backgro...=%23FF0700]
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With 6 player start and admin lists i can't see this being an issue

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