Survivor Story: Elektro Betrayal
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Thought I might start making a few posts of stories on here about things that happen in-game, while creating a slight twist of lore in them to make them more enticing to new players. Here's one that happened tonight, with myself, m00se and Chef meeting up for an assault on Elektro, to hopefully clear the area of potential bandits.


After meeting up with m00se just to the North-West side of Elektro (one of the main cities in the country of Chernarus), we quickly established a very defend-able position on the hill, about 300m away from each other. After some time, we start to hear some sniper shots ringing out from the North.

I decide to investigate, swapping to my close range weapon I move out, carefully taking down a few zombies quietly with my pistol as I advance. With m00se watching over me and my advance, he didn't notice the survivor that was stalking his position, luckily however I did, and after he m00se took a shot to kill a zombie that was attacking me, the survivor's attention was entirely fixed West, towards where m00se fired from. I crept up behind the guy, held him up instructing him to drop his weapon and move back away from it. He complied, and Flukey (the survivor's name) explained he was stalking the same player I was that had fired earlier, to the North.

Flukey needed help, and I surely didn't want to investigate a high-tier rifle equipped bandit on my own, so selflessly Flukey volunteered to take point, as I covered his advances from behind. We covered the entire area, yet the bandit was nowhere to be found. So, after 15 minutes or so of searching, we decide to part ways, I recommend a direction for Flukey to head off in, and we part ways, wishing each other luck.

I head back to m00se, where Chef was waiting for me, after having travelled from Zelenogorsk for food. M00se was getting tired, so went to sleep for the night, while me and Chef took overwatch on the city. Before long, Chef hears a vehicle behind him, incredibly close, then it stops. Worried, I switch out to my AR, a G36k. Not the most accurate, but it scares off anything within a 1 klick radius. After advancing to his position to cover his rear, I spot a bandit not 30 feet away with an AK, and open fire into his chest. He erupts in a torrent of blood and goes down, as Chef stands up and moves as yet another survivor to his left starts peppering the floor around us with his pistol.

Luckily, this guy can't shoot for shit, and I quickly have time to spin around and exterminate him too, to protect ourselves and possible survivors in elektro. He goes down, 2 murders in a minute, the adrenaline is pumping for us both, as we simultaneously spot yet another player, 100 feet maybe, down the hill, darting between trees, trying not to be seen. We both raise our rifles, take aim, and start to fire.

The tree he was behind almost explodes in a smoke-screen of dust and bark, as I charge while Chef keeps watch from afar. On arrival at said tree, I sweep around to find him not there. Suspicious, we decide to retreat up the hill to the next tree line, where we can safely take rest for the night. After Chef settles into sleep, I lie down, rifle still in my hands, as it's the only thing that's kept me alive for the past 15 minutes on that hill. I finally start to feel safe, when I hear a crack behind me.

I spin around quicker than I have ever done in my life, to fine a pair of aviator sunglasses with a baseball cap poking out of the grass, as a bandit is trying to sneak up on us over a tree root. His face promptly exploded, as 30 rounds of 5.56mm death are directed into his eyes.

Upon inspection, the bandit was actually Flukey. The friend we helped on his way, and showed mercy to as he looked for his other companion to the North. Small world, but he should have carried on North.

After that event, we rested. Hopefully, tomorrow will bring another, more exciting yet less-dangerous tale for you to enjoy.


So, after my first attempt at a DayZ-themed story, would you guys like to hear more? Tongue

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