Battlefield Hardline on the cheap!
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At the suggestion of Settol, posting here some places you can get a hold of Hardline cheaper than origin. Bear in mind that a few of these places WILL have discount codes, google can assist with these Smile

Origin - Currently £49.99
g2a - Currently £24.31 - (Beware, g2a DOES have a hidden tax when you get to the checkout, can occasionally cost more than competing key sites)
CJS-Keys - £29.50 - Used myself mutiple times in the past, never had any issues
Kinguin - £31.35 - Can sometimes find different sellers with different priced keys, be sure to check the feedback before you spend however
UGStore - £26.07 - Never used this one before
Instant-gaming - £25.64 - Never used this one before
CDKeys - £25.99 - Not used myself, but verified legit by Settol

A couple of these were found using allkeyshop, a comparison site recommended by k3rMz.

Let us know if you find any bargains, I used g2a myself.

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