Banned for racism
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ο Origin ID/soldier name in topic title (steam Id if banned on DayZ)

ο Include your ban details such as: the date and time you were playing last on server ie before ban. Also mention which game and which server.
10 minutes ago, PTG server

ο Your side of the story, in a polite manner.
I joined on my american friend who was in the server and I typed ''Death to the Americans'' in chat not knowing it would be seen as racism.
I'm sorry for what I said and won't do it again, I enjoy your server and I have always been on my best behavior in it.
I hope I can get unbanned.

Greetings Timmy

Admin that banned me: PTG_SKALLE_DK

Thanks given by:

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Banned for racism - by Tryhard_Timmy - 06-08-2016, 07:12 PM
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