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Ok so the spring patch is live tomorrow, one of things they missed which should be hitting is the ability to have multi admins and also 6 player starts.

If these are added in the patch tomoz do you guys still want us to get a server? 

now I know alot of us have premium so wondering if we should have a mixed map server rather than just stock maps, 

I don't think its a good idea to have 2 servers to start with, as it will split us up to much and wont allow us to seed, so post up guys this will allow us to move forward with a new server if the changes are implemented within the new patch.

Below is a list of options for setting the server up  ones highlighted in green need looking at

Server Monthly Cost  : £34.99


Elite Classes : On
Scout : On
Support : On
Assault: On
Medic : On
Land Vehicles : On
Air Vehicles : On


Melee : On
Handguns : On
Standard Rifles : On 
LMG : On
Self Loading Rifles : On
Shotguns : On
SMG : On
Explosives : On
Single Action Rifles : On 


Minimap Spotting : On
Nametags : On
Hud : On
3D Spotting : On
Always Fog : OFF
Friendly Fire : OFF
Kill Cam : On
Only Squad Leader Spawn : OFF
Map Voting :  ON
Regenerate Health : On
Vehicle 3P Camera : On
Behemoths : On
Reload Full Mags : OFF


Bullet Damage : 100%
Ticket Count : 200%
Respawn Time : 100%
Vehicle Respawn Time : 100%

ALL maps to be added

Also set it to 6 player start

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