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Hi dudes,

I got to know about this clan since bf4 came out, I'm sure you were around way before that but I'd like to say that I really miss your Op Locker server since that's where I used to play the most then something happened and the server started to get emptier and emptier and died unfortunately.
Now a days there are only a couple of good Op Locker servers out there to me but some aren't really my cup of tea as admins just keep on messing around, at least in your Op Locker server if I did anything wrong I would be warned and then everything was sorted, admins were respectful and there was a nice atmosphere, I knew a few admins like k3rMz, I hope you can bring it back.

Anyway I take this opportunity to show you a video I made some time ago, I hope you like it.

Catch you in the battlefield :D

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yeah, that locker server was great. So many good times.

[Image: XxFlashbangerxX.png]

"Do not argue with an idiot. He will drag you down to his level and beat you with experience."
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+1 for missing the locker server.

Was strange, at the start of the week everything was ok  by the end no one wanted to play there , 

these things happen unfortunately, if I was able to bring it back i'd do so without hesitation, however i think its been to long and with the release of BF1 and Wildlands not to far off many people are gearing up for it.

Its funny how so many old timers from locker have come saying they want it back , we did try for a while a few months after , but unfortunately the regulars all seemed to think grass was greener else were and never came back :Sad

Good to hear from you though iiiiicks  been a while :Big Grin

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