I've thought long and hard about this ...
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Sad to see you go man.

But I must say that you are leaving more to do with the fact that most of us dont play bf3 anymore is a bit harsh. There is more members who play bf3 than any other game on here.

Up until more recently with the ps2 recruitment going on everyone who wishes or wished to join PTG was here because of Battlefield.. We are a Battlefield orientated clan and that will never change even if others do move on to other games.

We are Battlefield Brothers. Wink

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Come on man, don't leave us! Sad

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Dee: feel free to make me honorary NOTW until you find a new NOTW Admin ;-)

Killingspree: I've tried very hard to explain why I left. I've checked Mumble a couple of times yesterday to see if you were there so I could even explain it to you. Maybe I'll catch you somewhere next week. Anyway, if that were the issue, leaving would have been overkill.

Frozenballz: you shouldn't have uninstalled BF3. You've done it dude ;-)

Gamblor: nicely said mate. For me the situation is different, though :-)

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(04-12-2013, 02:05 PM)SJTG1993 Wrote: I second the notion regarding SiC. It's taken us this long to get rid of paska, why join him? Wink

omg you didnt get rid of me, not just yet..............


edit: wtf have you done to the forums, its completely different now Big GrinBig GrinBig Grin itsa nice!

RAID 1 ftw
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Cheers paska Smile

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