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Hey guys!

In recent days I plaied with several other platoons, just to get some other ideas for our outfit.
I actually found really good ideas out there!
There is a german community "" which tries to be a huge multigaming community and the idea is, that you don't have to leave your clan if you want to play other games.
Some german PS2 outfits participate in this community. Those are SOHO, SINK and KMG I think.
SOHO is a real good german outfit! Very good organized, value of regular trainings for the whole NC, most of them are activ in TS, regular operations with SINK/KMG and they got good leadership.
SOHO has a platoon running every evening in the order of 35-48 soldiers.
Since GODS, FFS and all these other outfits aren't that well organized and not so good either, I thought about a cooperation, teamwork, partnership and camaraderie.
I know it is a german one but they said they speak english to and I could imagine to be a liaison officer.

This is just conclusion about my last experience. I will figure out details in the next two weeks but I would like to hear what you think about this ideas!


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I wouldn't mind working with other outfits. We could do with some training sessions. The problem we have there are some situational guns needed for some things, and not all have invested as heavily as me. Some other outfits have spent some good money/certs to acquire certain things to allow them to go forth with the operation.

I would like some training to be done. Got any contact details of the people that do their training?

Would be nice to watch and listen to what they do. At the moment I am having to put platoon markers down each time i want a sunderer somewhere, however I would like more to know where to place them. This isnt a problem for the people in mumble, but the gamers who are less familiar.

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