Suspicious player encountered in All Weapons server
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While playing on the All weapons allowed-server, almost at the end of round, I noticed a player, lilNotolil, on the RU team instakilled me. Nothing strange about that.

But I thought I check that guy out because he was level 17 player and the shot he made was "odd". Call it a gut feeling.

So here's the profile I found:

He has only three hours of playing time and some impressive stats. With SCAR-L (the gun he used to kill me) he has 113 kills with 66 headshots.

With AUG 3 he has 68 kills with 42 headshots. Right.

When I asked the admins on the server to check him out, he left before anything could've been done.

For evidence him being in there in the first place, I present the battlereport from his point of view:

Thought I would bring this to your attention so you can judge if this guy is clean. Or if he should be prevented from entering the server again.


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Thank you for the report and taking time to come to our forums, admins will look into it and if we find him to be suspicious enough to be a haxor he will be banned.

We appreciate inputs from community members Smile

Ok, so we have enough evidence to believe he was using aimbot and/or other hacks and we have banned him across all servers.

[Image: gonzo_sig_final.gif]
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nice job ladies

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