mouse_jr: Here’s the new prone stance
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Posting this for mouse_jr, and anyone else who plays ArmA but hasn't seen the new prone stance in ArmA 3: boom.

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Nothing like a bit of prone

[Image: 12299.gif]
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ahaha prone like a boss

[Image: AnR_PT.png]
My friends call me "RAMBO"
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[Image: Niki-prone.jpg]


ps. I'm a cranky cunt! Truly was not trying to argue, just have a convo, thats all, mr hoof!

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holy fukin shit! it's brilliant , i'm definately gettin it!

PS: hem i didn't get to discuss gta last night! .......... lmfao the conv went from gta to steve jobs .. lolol

[Image: PTG_mousejr.png]
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