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Quote:Bohemia Interactive has announced that APC Package, a major new update for the Arma 3 Beta, is now live adding the BTR-K Kamysh and IFV-6c Panther, while the integration of BattlEye (BE) aims to improve the Beta's MP experience. The first vehicle in the APC Package, the OPFOR's BTR-K Kamysh, serves as a prime example of first-class Russian engineering, The Kamysh is equipped with a CTWS turret fitted with a 30mm cannon, coaxial machinegun and 2 guided AT missiles, making the vehicle significant in the infantry support role.
Its NATO counterpart, the IFV-6c Panther, boasts strong armor to achieve maximal protection for the transported crew. A standard Panther is armed with a RCWS HMG, 40mm grenade machine gun and smoke flares. They can take up to 8 soldiers in the cargo area.
The update also includes BattlEye, an anti-cheat software developed by BattlEye Innovations providing a new layer of multiplayer security to help server hosts detect and respond to multiplayer hacks.

[Image: 3031721.png?foreground=%23EEEEEE&backgro...=%23FF0700]
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Sounds like the game is coming together eh? Let me know when you guys are playing next and I'll come join! Smile

[Image: PTG_Jakorii.png]
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