Arma 3 with TracknoIR
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my pal's just made a vid of arma 3 using that thing, looks fukin awesome,
apparently Hoofed's gotten one too!
Now i know what it looks like @ hoofed!

Aww shit that was wrong, could someone actually delete this post! the guy's using a software not the actual gadget!
PS: my bad guys!

[Image: PTG_mousejr.png]
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what's this shite

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I tried that software out and in a word, it's shit :p I suspect it's to do with my shitty web cam and crap lighting though rather than the software.

[Image: 76561198042289061.png]

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Probably, but hoofed's gotten the gadget & like he said it's fukin awesome

[Image: PTG_mousejr.png]
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Aye, I've had TrackIR for about a week now. Yesterday I finally got around to uploading my test flight using it:

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nice one mate! looks like fun, imma gettin it soon as this month ends!

[Image: PTG_mousejr.png]
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