Dayz SA Updates.
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Quote:This build continues with small bugfixes and several engine changes. A late addition of a significant change to the server variable processing has provided us a major performance boost on the server of around 5-10 FPS. This helps with a great deal of issues and results in a much smoother game experience from players even on a smooth server. Once several more of these optimizations are made it will allow us to increase player/zombie numbers and enable loot and zombie respawning.

Known Issues:
- Spawns: Loot is not spawning in military tents
- Spawns: Some structures in Svetlo currently do not spawn loot
- Server: Servers under load can delay actions from the client
- Graphics: Only 4 dynamic light sources will be rendered at one time currently
- Actions: Looting a dead body may make a ghost clone copy of the inventory

- Actions: chambering SKS round from pile, loading 10 rounds from pile
- Actions: You can uncuff other players with the hacksaw
- Actions: Cannot use an item (e.g. drink/eat) if it is "Ruined"
- Actions: Interactions with items reworked. Drinking/Eating/etc... more robust and user-friendly
- Actions: Restrained players cannot use inventory or action menu
- Animations: Player now can take and hide rifle in crouched run
- Animations: SKS reload animations
- Animations: firing weapon when sprinting will transition player into the aimed run(with some temporary limitations)
- Crafting: FNX45 pistol can be chambered with single round
- Crafting: Opening cans with combat knife added
- Crafting: Opening cans with machete added
- Crafting: Painting Motorbike Helmets to Black and Green
- Crafting: Waterbottles and canteens now allow pouring water between them
- Effects: Magnum revolver ejecting shells when reloading
- Effects: Magnum revolver sounds - gunshots, reloading
- Effects: Mosin ejecting shells when cycling
- Effects: New Mosin sounds - gunshots, cycling, reloading
- Gear: Improvised courier backpack added
- Gear: Machete added
- Gear: Hard hats added in various colors
- Gear: Motorcycle Helmets have black visor variants
- Gear: Small, uncomfortable, and silly (but cute) children's school backpack
- Gestures: Clapping Gesture added, default F5 key
- Gestures: Pointing Gesture added, default F6 key
- Login: Player queuing system introduced. Penalty waiting time added for switching server or disconnecting a server quickly
- Login: Players receive a login timeout when disconnect, increased if disconnect within 30 minutes of joining (max 5 minutes)
- Login: When players logout, their avatar sits on ground for 30 seconds. Players must make sure they logout somewhere safe
- Server: Player spawns now cached by engine directly, increasing performance
- Server: Optimized synchronization and transfer of variables within and outgoing from server (significant performance increase on server, of 5-10 FPS)
- Spawns: Added Bubble goose jackets into the loot spawns
- Spawns: Added SKS rifle, speedloader, ammunition piles and boxes and SKS bayonet into the loot spawns
- Spawns: Healthcare Center now spawns loot
- Spawns: .45acp box of 25rnds added to loot spawns
- Spawns: Police stations now spawn loot
- Systems: Hunger and Thirst slightly modified.
- Systems: Notifications added to UI for hydration and high energy
- Systems: Fractures can now occur due to melee and shot damage, not just environmental
- Systems: Fractures (arms/legs) now saved and loaded correctly from database
- Translations: Added strings for all consumable items (Gas canisters, Batteries etc) and container items (First aid kit etc) for English, with some Spanish and Russian
- Zombies: Different types of Military zombies now have tougher attack values and improved durability
- Zombies: Engine dynamic obstacle checking (zombie, another player)
- Zombies: Svetlojarsk zombie spawns added

- Actions: morphine injection can be used on other player effectively fixing his broken legs and item correctly positioned in hands
- Actions: Keys won't disappear after uncuffing
- Actions: loading ammo works for sprayed Mosin variants
- Actions: Read/Writing notes with paper and pen now works again
- Actions: reviving with epinephrine or defibrillator works also if player blood is below 500 units of blood
- Actions: Actions on another player no longer have an unlimited distance (max 2 meters)
- Art: Bug allowing players to clip through geometry of the police station building.
- Animations: fixed an issue where reload in prone would leave some residue sound clutter at the end of the reload animation
- Animations: Weapon reloading for magazine was not working properly when no magazine fitted
- Animations: Rifle Aimed Walk Updated, diagonal animations fixed
- Animations: Sidestepping through doorway with rifle while crouching should not cause the player to get stuck now
- Animations: knocking down player now possible in prone states, (possibly fixing the issue with frozen characters)
- Animations: changed animation for equipping the compass
- Animations: Proper animation played when taking pistol in run
- Animations: Changing stances is faster now both for armed and unarmed player
- Animations: Skinning problem with armored zombies that caused the model to warp during some animations
- Animations: Standing with aimed weapon now allows for higher angle of tilt/bend
- Animations: Mosin bolt animation after each shot updated to match hand animation
- Animations: Removed footstep sound from pointing animations
- Animations: Pointing gesticulation now possible even when holding 2 handed weapons
- Animations: Clapping now possible to initiate while holding 2 handed weapons
- Config: Berries have more nutrition now
- Crafting: You can no longer saw off sawed off shotgun
- Crafting: Can spraypaint M4 to green or black
- Crafting: Damage is now transferred when items are painted
- Crafting: Improved Backpack creation only possible when Courier Bag is empty (previously items accidentally deleted)
- Crafting: Weapon cleaning kit can't be used when it's "Ruined" and won't reduce condition of a gun
- Crafting: Spraypainting an M4 won't delete your carry handle
- Crafting: Guns are no longer placed on ground while being painted (if not nescessary)
- Crafting: You won't loose attached universal weapon flashlight after M4 painting
- Items won't longer appear on ground after unsuccessful force feeding/drinking/fibrillating/handcuffing and won't loose quantity
- Effects: Dazed effect plays again when a player is hit/damaged/shot
- Effects: Some effects were not active locally when a player was restrained
- Effects: gunshot sound of Magnum reverted to original one
- Fixed: Missing texture error dz\weapons\data\weapons_damage_metal_smdi.paa
- Fixed: Popping up texture error for beret models
- Gear: Spraycans won't deplete after relogging
- Gear: Book, radio, pot, pan, gas canisters, matchbox, paper, firewood and stone can be placed in hands
- Gear: Headlamp beam raised slightly
- Gear: Painted items now retain their previous quantities (i.e. Magazine ammo won't reset)
- Gear: Various item descriptions and notifications fixed for grammar, typos, more detail
- Gear: ZSh-3 Pilot helmet fixed and updated
- Gear: Hoxton and Dallas masks where displayed in center of character, now display on face
- Gear: Splint position in hand was wrong now corrected
- Gestures: Taunt defaults correctly to F4 key
- Graphics: "god rays" could cause overloaded post-processing and graphical corruption
- Graphics: fix of removing shining object from hand (switch off)
- Graphics: Roads have per pixel lights
- Graphics: Dynamic lights should be now defined with "radius" value which is maximum radius of light in meters
- Graphics: Tooltips are now not displayed for quickbar items, as it is a reference to type not specific item
- Login: Respawn button now works correctly
- Login: Various bugs fixed associated with connection errors that could cause a character to be deleted or killed by the server
- Spawns: Lowered chance of Taloon and Mountain backpacks spawning
- Spawns: Drastically lowered chance of backpacks spawning on the construction site
- Spawns: Loot spawn tweaks in some civilian structures
- Weapons: Mosin recoil increased
- Weapons: Sawed-off shotgun can be loaded with ammo (was broken due to changed inheritance)
- Weapons: Sawed-off shotgun: reduced size in inventory, reduced spread
- Weapons: It is no longer possible to attach longrange scope onto SKS
- Weapons: M4 carry handle can now be attached to painted variants of M4
- Weapons - fixed error in config of shotgun snaploader causing low velocitiy and damage
- Zombies: Better filter/check of attack hits directly in engine
- Zombies: Military zombies made tougher

- Crash: Irregular crash of server in corpse garbage collector consequence of this is that the bodies will not disappear if other player is in vicinity
- Crash: Creating item using recipe system caused serious server crash when not enough space in inventory
- Crash: Client crash on exit, all systems 100% reproduction
- System: Previous build caused overzealous starvation to occur

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very excited for the respawn button to work.

[Image: 12299.gif]
"Money doesn't grow on trees, it grows on tits" - PornHub
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(02-05-2014, 11:35 AM)h00f3d Wrote: - Login: Player queuing system introduced. Penalty waiting time added for switching server or disconnecting a server quickly
- Login: Players receive a login timeout when disconnect, increased if disconnect within 30 minutes of joining (max 5 minutes)
- Login: When players logout, their avatar sits on ground for 30 seconds. Players must make sure they logout somewhere safe

Well thats me fucked Smile

[Image: 3031721.png?foreground=%23EEEEEE&backgro...=%23FF0700]
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Combat logger Chef? :O

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(02-05-2014, 04:52 PM)Chef_uk Wrote:
(02-05-2014, 11:35 AM)h00f3d Wrote: - Login: Player queuing system introduced. Penalty waiting time added for switching server or disconnecting a server quickly
- Login: Players receive a login timeout when disconnect, increased if disconnect within 30 minutes of joining (max 5 minutes)
- Login: When players logout, their avatar sits on ground for 30 seconds. Players must make sure they logout somewhere safe

Well thats me fucked Smile

haha * waits for chef to play again *

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And so passes Chef's time with DayZ Standalone.

[Image: 12299.gif]
"Money doesn't grow on trees, it grows on tits" - PornHub
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Another update was pushed today :

Branch: Stable

ETA: Complete (Being pushed now)

Version: 0.34.115106

This update was released to Stable as a critical update outside of scheduled maintenance. This was because of a serious issue with the connection logic that could trap some players in the "dead" state. There was also a critical bug with looting other players inventory. These have been fixed.

Known Issues:
- Animations: Right hand twitches during pointing, character twitches once when middle finger is activated/deactivated
- Actions: If player puts burlap sack from his head to ground his vision stays black

- Animations: Ruger 10/22 hand pose
- Animations: It's now possible to blend directly between various gesticulation states (pointing,finger,greeting...)
- Crafting: Can repair clothes, weapons, and items using specialist items (such as sewing kit)
- Gear: Configured sewing kit and its recipes
- Gear: Added configuration for durable riders jacket
- Gear: Added Cowboy hats to the loot spawns (multiple colors)
- Gear: Added Sewing kit to the loot spawns
- Gear: Added B95 and 762 speedloader to loot spawns
- Gear: Added configuration for durable riders jacket
- Gear: Added durable leather jacket to loot spawns
- Gestures: Thumbs Up gesture added with default F7 key binding
- Server: Optimization of synchronization of textures/materials (minor improvement to server FPS)
- Systems: Falling now causes dynamic damage (roughly, fall of >5m break legs depending on equipment, >15m probably death)

- Actions: Could not cover another players head with a burlap sack
- Actions: No longer spawns clones of sack after Remove Head Cover action
- Actions: Removing Head Cover (burlap sack) while inventory is full won't leave you blind and without burlap sack anymore
- Art: Duplicate geometry in lower resolution LODs of flannel shirt resulted in visual bug at distance.
- Animations: Fixed an issue where the player would stay zoomed-in in sights for reload while aiming in prone
- Animations: Player should now be force-disarmed when clapping while holding a single-handed weapon.
- Animations: Pointing and clapping now works even when initiated from aimed states
- Animations: Fixed an issue where the left hand would stay glued to the FNX45 for aimed prone reload
- Animations: Default rifle aim stance (stand and crouch) slightly changed to better fit different guns
- Animations: Twitches on right hand fixed when holding an item while middle finger and pointing.
- Crafting: Cannot combine ruined stacked objects (such as ammo, rags)
- Crafting: Cannot chamber/load magazine with ruined ammunition
- Crafting: Motorbike helmet visors didn't retain their type when spray-painting the helmet
- Crash: Game Crash when using FLUSH command
- Crash: Out of bounds crash when no sounds defined
- Inventory: Loot would stay on dead character after it is picked up, causing teleporting loot and general chaos
- Medical: Cleaning wounds with alcohol tincture doesn't add last stage of infected wounds
- Medical: Vomiting/Stuffed was completely broken. Now simplified and streamlined
- Melee: Short melee weapons do damage now (hammer, screwdriver, hammer, hacksaw)
- Spawns: Lowered probability of Weapon cleaning kit spawns
- Systems: Healing system was double processing for blood regeneration
- Systems: Notifier messages were not being cleared/reset on within-state changes
- Systems: Players position was not saving on disconnect
- Systems: Players could get continually stuck in a dead character during load from central server
- Systems: Players would not receive any falling damage
- Systems: Disconnecting dead player would delete the body after ~30 seconds
- Systems: Damage was being equally applied to all objects inside inventory slot when shot/damaged (now items reduce the damage when they take damage)
- Systems: Notifier gets stuck on "stuffed"
- Weapons: Ballistic parameters of all projectiles tweaked for more realism (special thanks to Gews for his great analysis on weapon characteristics)

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(02-07-2014, 10:27 PM)k3rMz Wrote: serious issue with the connection logic that could trap some players in the "dead" state.
Convinced a mate to finally pick this up yesterday. First death, he got this...Dodgy Big Grin We managed to clear it, but it didn't look good for a while Big Grin
Dropped in on the PTG server last night for a while too, but didn't recognise any names Smile

Thanks given by:
Branch: Stable

ETA: Was pushed this morning during the maintenance period

Version: 0.35.115188

This update was released to Stable as part of our weekly scheduled maintenance. This hotfix is aimed
at fixing a GPU memory leak, that a large amount of players were experiencing. This was causing low framerate and crashing for some players.

Hotfix for the GPU Memory leak leading to low FPS

Thanks given by:
The new update is only one the Experimental branch atm but here is the changes that will come Smile
Actions: Vomiting have associated sound effects
Actions: Can check pulse on unconscious players
Actions: Searching for berries will now add berries to your inventory
Actions: Eat All now supported for consumables
Animations: New Ruger 10/22 reload animations
Animations: Player now can sit with gun/weapon
Environment: New rock textures
Food: Sambucus berry item added
Food: Canina berry item added
Graphics: Adding lights to currently rendered scene changed
Map: Olsha has been updated
Map: Khelm has been updated
Map: New rock formations outside Svetlo have been created
Map: New Orthodox Chapel has been created
Map: Police Stations & Medical Centers have been placed across the map
Map: New villages surrounding Svetlo
Medical: Players can have a heart attack (declared as "irregular pulse" with pulse checking actions)
Weather: Rain, Clouds, Wind, calculated on server and distributed to clients
Weather: Rain now causes items and player to become wet

Actions: Added 'inUseItem' back to action on target function
Actions: Proper nutritional value will be added when eating near empty food
Actions: Berry picking script messages to player improved.
Graphics: SSAO in options saved
Graphics: Rain effect settings changed
Graphics: Rain geometry optimized (28bytes vs 12 bytes per vertex)
Graphics: Spot light culling fixed
Graphics: Fix of terrain intersections
Graphics: Fix of geometry trace for flares
Login: Failure during new character creation could cause player to get stuck as unconscious
Map: Optimizations for Svetlo performance
Map: Forests surrounding Svetlo bugfixes
Medical: Would never actually die from zero health or blood due to medical conditions
Medical: Epi-pens will now wake anyone (briefly) from unconsciousness even if blood very low
Medical: Defibrillator used for restarting the heart of players who have a heart attack
Medical: Unconsciousness had irregular and unpredictable behavior (epi-pens will now always wake an unconscious player, unless they are having a heart attack)
Medical: Melee damage application system changed to better balance
Medical: Chance of bleeding from fists reduced significantly
Medical: Disconnected players avatars did not take shock or blood damage
Zombies: Zombies aims mostly for chest area now when attacking

Thanks given by:

Note: Pending final notes from the programming team.

Known Issues:
Binoculars not functioning properly in crouch and prone states.
Thrown objects moving at a slow frame rate during peak server load
Crossbow damage higher than desired
Player breathing in first person is louder than desired
Ongoing melee balancing has zombies more resilient to body impacts. (Aim for the head)
Accelerated Time falls out of sync after extended uptime (disabled for this update)

Actions: Melee attacks added to frying pan and cooking pot
Actions: Recipe for bow crafting added
Items: Dexterity of shotguns, pistols and rifles configured
Items: Tracksuit Jackets and Russian Officer Hat configured and added to loot spawns
Items: Binoculars configured and added to loot spawns (known issues above with this item)
Items: Implemented Crossbow + bolts.
Server: Basic item bullet physics enabled (known issues tied to server performance)
Server: New guaranteed messaging system for network traffic
Server: New player spawn locations near Klen, Chernaya Polana, Orlovets
Server: Accelerated Time implemented for gameservers
Systems: 1:1 Mouse control / movement
World: New Ash Tree model
World: New village "Karmanovka" has been added
Actions: Crafting with medical items - splints, blood bags, blood testing
Actions: Removed force feed and force drink from epinephrine and morphine
Actions: You can no longer turn on flashlight or defibrillator laying on the ground without battery being attached to it
Actions: You can no longer empty magazines or ammunition boxes laying on the ground (and loose ammo)
Actions: Burlap sack removes from head properly

Actions: Apply defibrillator action messages

Actions: Players loading into server no longer play reloading SFX

Actions: You can catch rain holding bottle in hand only
Actions: moved quantity manipulation and item removal directly into action on self
Actions: added config entries to actions for single use food and drinks
Actions: Single use food and drink items now adding to player water and energy levels
Actions: Injection vial cannot be consumed
Actions: Medical items related actions on other player (proper quantity handling)
Animations: Player now can wave (F1) when unarmed or holding one-handed item with raised hands.
Animations: playing correct footstep sounds for 2handed melee raised run, aimed rifle run
Animations: Removed the jerky motion when sometimes equipping a weapon/item, usually at the start of eating/drinking/bandaging
Animations: sitting with 2 handed melee should now work properly
Animations: Fixed an issue where you would first stand up when pressing crouch in unarmed sitting pose
Animations: Fixed an issue where you couldn't sit from unarmed prone directly.
Animations: fixed missing rotation animation for unarmed crouched player
Animations: Iron sights now use all 3 parameters for min, max and init zoom. Values of these params tweaked.
Animations: Player's "naked eye" max zoom level lowered. It allows for the same max zoom as iron sights.
Gear: Improvised courier bag and taloon backpack shows their damage state in inspect window
Gear: Green bandage stops bleeding
Gear: Fruits no longer show 100% label
Gear: FNX45 red dot sight optics renamed and now requires 9V battery in order to work
Gear: Resolved chambering issue with 22 related to stack quantity
Gear: Tablets amount in inventory slot changed from % to pills
World: Rocks at Ship Wreck location reworked
Zombies: Melee attack bleed chance nerfed
Zombies: Damage is dealt to head while kneeling

Thanks given by:
Still no vehicles or tents...

Thanks given by:
Quote:CHANGELOG: 0.45.124426 - Live now

Known Issues:
Crash caused by burned meat duplication
Camera can clip through walls
Occaisionally zombies are spawning at the same spot they died
Extremely rare crash when a player throws item
Player's next character will not be saved into database if he disconnects after death

Actions: Added cancel current player action on self and on target back to gear configuration
Actions: Added cancel current player action on self and on target back to data and character configuration
Actions: Added cancel current player action on self, on target and on items back to actions themselves
Actions: Added new animations for drinking from pond and well actions
Actions: Igniting fireplace depends on wind strength and rain
Actions: Salmonellosis is curable with antibiotics
Actions: Emptying large magazine will split ammo in adequate amount of smaller piles
Actions: You can sharpen a bit badly damaged blades using stone
Actions : You can tear few blank pages out of a book
Actions : You can go fishing (ponds and lakes for this moment)
Actions : You can drink whole bottle at once
Animations: Clapping now possible while crouching
Animations: Binoculars transitions added for crouch and prone.
Content: Garage office building loot spawns added
Content: Doors on vehicle wrecks now show name in scroll menu so users are able to know which door or boot they are opening/closing.
Crafting : You can craft improvised fishing rod using long ashwood stick and rope
Crafting : You craft and break down leather courier bag
Crafting : You craft and break down leather backpack
Crafting: Splitting long ashwood stick into thirds
Crafting: Breaking Courier bag down into materials
Crafting: Breaking Improvised backpack down into materials
Crafting: Breaking Splint down into materials
Gathering : You can collect wood from bushes and trees and also search for kindling in woods
Gathering : You can mine stones from some smaller boulders
Gathering : You can dig up worms from ground
Gathering : You can search for apples
Gathering : You can skin and quarter animals
Gear: Road flare configuration
Gear: Road flare animation
Gear: Configuration of fireplace items and crafting recipes for them
Gear: Crafting recipes for combine/split firewood and stones
Gear: Added flare particle effects synchronization on server
Item: AKM attachments (folding buttstock, rail handguard, plastic magazine), AK rail handguard allows the attachment of a flashlight and a bipod
Item: Animal pelts added (Wildboar, Rabbit, Cow, Pig, Deer)
Item: Improvised Backpack and Courier bag made of fur, recipes added.
Items: Road Flare, Fishing hook, High Capacity vest, Longhorn pistol, AKM butt stocks, AKM magazines added to loot spawns
Items: Chernarus Police uniform (pants, jacket, cap) added to loot spawns
Items: OREL special Police unit uniform added to loot spawns
Items: Gorka Military Pants added to loot spawns
Items: Various meats configs
Item : Improvised fishing rod config
Item: Fishing hook config
Item: Fishing bait config
Item: Worm config
Localisation: Door names added to string table.
Server: Animals spawning
Server: Initial implementation of dynamic server events

Actions: Added conditions to crafting recipes
Actions: Wooden sticks are stackable, crafting recipes with sticks modified to take stacks into account
Actions: Catching some rain action, doesn't add water to a stomach
Actions: Removed 'isUsingSomething' variable from player's stored variables
Actions: Deconstructing improvised backpack produce wooden sticks in actual quantity required to craft it
Actions: Fireplace sound effects fixed
Actions: Fixed addressee of the messages in ignite fireplace action
Action: Changed frying time to 30s
Action: Higher probability to light fire in the wind
Actions: Splitting ruined ammo won't create a pristine stack
Actions: Bow loading action fixed
Actions: Firewood splitting action fixed
Animations: Fixed an issue where some animations were not interrupted with a death animation, when the player died
Animations: Eating, drinking, crafting animations states are now correctly connected to death states
Animations: More animations are now able to be cancelled(crafting, pills, injection)
Animations: Some basic movement with binoculars is now possible in raised pose
Config: Binoculars ability to be placed into holster
Crafting: Splint recipe fix
Gear: Changed firewood model
Gear: Road flares to last 15 minutes
Gear: Adding parameter to geometry lod to resolve alpha sorting
Gear: Road flare cannot be lit after it's has already been used
Gear: Road flare quantity is not showing in inventory for now (removed till they able to be stacked)
Gear: Added cooking subclass to other meat configs
Gear: Model filename changed for burned fillet
Items: Shoes become damaged after falling from height
Item : Long ashwood stick inventory size increased, can be placed on back
Item: Improvised short bow inventory size
Item: Binocular inventory size changed
Item: Closed tuna can, lack of inventory image fixed
Item: Closed sardines can, lack of inventory image fixed
SFX: Fixed configuration for fireplace flame sound effect
Spawns : Bugged crossbow bolt
VFX: Helicopter crash site smoke particle effect initialization
Actions: Bow loading action fixed
Actions: Firewood splitting action fixed

Thanks given by:
CHANGELOG: Stable - 0.46.124490

Known Issues:

Crash caused by Fireplace kit in players Inventory
Character cloning
Player can look through walls
Zombies are spawning on spot of their death
Player is stuck in building after reconnect
Player cannot respawn properly when he has drowned
Shadow related client FPS drops
When restrained in unconscious player stays in restrained state till he reconnects


Actions: You can sort out good ammunition from a ruined stack
Animations: New reload animations for Longhorn and a second reload for the Crossbow.
Animations: New reload for B95 double rifle.
Animations: MP5K reload Animations
Animations: Added aimed pose for sitting with rifle.
Animations: Drinking from pond and well.
Loot: Added MP5 with magazines
Loot: Added military Pilotka side cap
Map: Karmanovka has returned
Map: Novodmitrovsk has been added
Map: Industrial area of Novodmitrovsk has been added.
Map: Tenement area near Novodmitrovsk has been added.
Map: Dobroe village is added.
Map: New administrative buildings has been added in Novo.
Item: Flashbang grenade
Item: Hand grenade
Item: Added green and black color variants of the ZSh3 helmet. Can be crafted.
Sound: Play sound when using the bow.
Server: Security Improvement Hotfix


Actions: Painting 75 akm drum magazine
Actions: Crafting fur backpack
Actions: AKM buttstock painting
Actions: Breaking apart backpacks, down into parts
Actions: Leather backpack crafting
Actions: Raised chance to ignite fire in wind
Actions: Fixed crash with meat duplication in fireplace/inventory
Actions: Can't eat meat directly from the fireplace
Animations: Fixed hand movement at the end of SKS reloading.
Animations: Hand clipping in unarmed run.
Animations: Crouch walks and runs replaced with new animations.
Animations: Crouch idle pose adjusted to better show items in player's hand.
Animations: Sprint with gun replaced with new animation.
Animations: Jump and vualt animations updated
Animations: Hand poses added for granades, pelts, alcohol tincture, fishing rod, magazines, woods.
Animations: Zombie attack animations polished.
Animations: Gestures poses fixed.
Animations: Two handed arming animations fixed.
Animations: Fixed an issue where surrender kept getting cancelled when used with one handed melee weapons
Animations: Fixed an issue where vomiting was not working properly with 2 handed melee weapons
Animations: Fixed an issue where drinking animation was not playing when the player was in prone
Animations: Throwing items reconfigured, staying wound up should not prevent the player from getting knocked down or cuffed
Animations: Leaning tweaked in transitional states, should now allow for smoother transitions while leaning
Animations: Fixed an issue where the character would not roll left/right with binocs in raised prone state
Gear: Alpha sorting in alcohol tincture model
Item: Hacksaw hand placement
Sound: Arrow loading
Sound: Arrow ejecting
Sound: Fishing bait check

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Just add vehicles already >.<

m00se l00se ab00t this h00se
[Image: 3999506695.png]
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Old game, much bore, very slow

[Image: 12299.gif]
"Money doesn't grow on trees, it grows on tits" - PornHub
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just add base building already!

[Image: PTG_Geordie.png]
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they added heli's , although crashed ones you cant fly :p

theres alot going on and you'll see more features posted here over the next few weeks / months.

Thanks given by:
(07-02-2014, 11:30 PM)k3rMz Wrote: they added heli's , although crashed ones you cant fly :p

theres alot going on and you'll see more features posted here over the next few years/centuries.

I fixed that for you. You're welcome.

Judging by the progress of DayZ SA and how fast they release new content, I dare to say there'll be a zombie mod for Arma 3 sooner (and probably better).

The game was not released too early, they just began working on it far too late.


Does anyone know if the 'regular' DayZ servers are still out there? I'd love to play it for a bit

Thanks given by:
(07-03-2014, 09:40 AM)Wuzzah Wrote: Judging by the progress of DayZ SA and how fast they release new content, I dare to say there'll be a zombie mod for Arma 3 sooner (and probably better).

I doubt it. The guys making DayZ SA are getting paid. And you'll never amass the same number of people around a mod as you can with a standalone product (e.g. DotA vs Dota 2).

(07-03-2014, 09:40 AM)Wuzzah Wrote: The game was not released too early, they just began working on it far too late.

In what sense is it "too late"? What's going to happen?

(07-03-2014, 09:40 AM)Wuzzah Wrote: Does anyone know if the 'regular' DayZ servers are still out there? I'd love to play it for a bit

The DayZ Mod community is alive and well. But good luck getting enough PTG guys to install and play a particular flavour on a regular basis. Most of them are balls deep in BF4 and CS:GO and lack the patience and skill required to play a milsim.

Thanks given by:

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