Basic Mumble Setup Guide
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This guide will help you set up your mumble communications software properly to allow you to use mumble in the fashion that you prefer, whether this be using Push-to-Talk, wherein you use a key you define on the keyboard or your mouse to press when you wish people to hear what your microphone picks up, and let go when you've finished speaking. The other option is Voice-Activation, which takes some fiddling and a bit of finesse, as each microphone is completely different even on identical headsets, and pick up different levels of noise.

First things first, you'll need to download the mumble client, a direct download link can be found here:

Once you've installed the client, you'll want to connect to and favourite our server on your server list, which automatically pops up when you open mumble. If for some odd reason it doesn't pop up, either press the globe icon, or Server->Connect.
In this dialogue box, at the bottom you'll need to hit "Add New...". This is where you'll enter the details for the server, and it will save it for you each time you launch the program.
In the Label box, enter a name for the server, this doesn't matter, but we recommend naming it PTG so you know where you're connecting.
In the Address box, enter "" without quotations.
In the Port box, enter 36030
The username is the name you'll appear as in the server. Generally using your in-game and forum username would be best for this.
No password is required for our mumble server.

Once done, press OK. If you highlight the new server under the favorites list, and press the "Connect" button, you'll be prompted with a window about certificates. You need to accept this certificate before you can join the server.
Once you've accepted, you'll connect to the main lobby. As no one generally sits here and talks, it's a great time to set up your microphone, detailed next.

There's 2 ways of doing this, if you're not comfortable playing around with settings and just want to go through step-by-step instructions, press Configure->Audio Wizard.
If you want to customize properly and set up your microphone in the best way possible, press Configure->Settings.

In the Mumble Configuration dialogue box that pops up, you'll need to ensure you have the "Advanced" option checked, somewhere in the bottom left. First things first is the Audio Input tab. In here, you can either set your Device to "Default Device" or you can drop down the combo box to select a microphone manually. If you only use 1 microphone, this doesn't need to be changed from default. Ensure Echo is disabled, and that Exclusive is unchecked.
Under the Transmit section of Audio Input is how you'll set up your microphone. If you want to use voice activity, select that from the combo box. At no point should you use continuous, it's a shortcut to a mute. When you have voice activity selected, you should see a red, yellow and green bar that will flicker slightly. The best time to set this up if by breathing normally and typing on your keyboard. While silent/typing, you should adjust the "Silence Below" slider to just past the maximum point that the red bar reaches. Now talk in a normal voice that you would over the microphone.
You'll notice that the bar flickers more violently and the yellow region should light up. You generally want the flicker to be around half a centimeter on your screen below the average point that you get to when speaking normally. This will ensure that when you're speaking that your voice will be detected properly, but typing on your keyboard will not cause noise to be transmitted.
Great, now you're all set to use Voice Activation. You can go ahead and press "OK" and feel free to join a channel with people in by double clicking on the channel name, the channels work just like a file tree in windows explorer. The best way to tell if your microphone is set up properly is to test it, and ask other people.

The other way of talking on mumble is by using Push-to-Talk. If you've never used it before it can take a little getting used to, so bear with it. You'll need to change the Transmit option to Push To Talk. Ensure that the DoublePush time and Hold time are both set to off.
Once you've done this, you can drop down into the "Shortcuts" tab on the left hand side. In here, you'll see a table with Function, Data and Shortcut set. To set up a push to talk key, press "Add". Unassigned should pop up, click on the word and select "Push-to-Talk", which should be the first option. You can leave the Data field empty, and go straight to the shortcut. As soon as you press in the field, the program is waiting for you to choose a key. This part is up to you, you can use a button on your mouse or a button on the keyboard, whichever works, just press it once and mumble will save it for you. Now press OK.
Again, you should join a channel and try talking to people to see how your mic sounds, and if you're using PTT correctly.

There are a few more options in the Mumble Configuration dialogue window that you may wish to learn about, for which I will be creating a seperate guide.

[Image: 76561198042289061.png]

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Update link to Mumble Client 1.2.5 in the original post.

All users should install this version as it contains security fixes.

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