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(03-13-2014, 05:04 PM)Jessibelle1992 Wrote: Lets look up the 7870 and r9 270x for you..

Having looked up various benchmarks theres very little in it between those two cards.
Isn't that because they are the same card? Like my 280x is actually a rebadged/reframed 7970. Are they even clocked differently?

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270x is clocked higher but essentially you're correct its just a rebadge and tune up. But my analysis still stands. I jump back and forth between Nvidia and AMD as I have no brand loyalty, I just want a solid card, so I tend to miss rebadges.

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Fair D Smile
I started NVidia (riva tntm64! and then a GF2GTS) but they did some shady shit altering Quake or Wolf ET configs... Can't remember now and been ATi/AMD ever since Big Grin They also seem to have been the best performance for £££ every time I've wanted to upgrade recently.

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