OBY JerryMouseXD cheating and grossebaff glitching bipod
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OBY JerryMouseXD cheating
he got wallhack on and grossebaff glitching bipod


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I think a specialist will look them.

The two user has alltimes on the Non Explosive server high kills and low death, but I dont know in what form you can look a wallhack by JerryMouse.

And grossebaff I think is not a bipodglitch.

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where he is getting out to the rock on A you can see he know he is there in full blind of a flash and also where he is on the enemys hill he know it befor it is showing on rader or spot

grossebaff has glitching with bipod also more today

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The first guy isn't cheating. He was playing like a dick, spawn trapping as far forward as he could, and there was only 1 place the enemy could come from, it's not rocket science. He also gets only a few kills in the whole video, hardly changing the game is he?

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